Angel Outdoor Fountains

 Angel Outdoor Fountains

Some of the most interesting angel outdoor fountains have been gathered here for your perusal. While angels are powerful symbols of Christianity, their presence on a fountain mainly serves to amplify the already legendary decorative and calming effects of the fountain. Angels are agreeable to all; it’s a matter of how angelic and innocent the portrayal of angels affects a person, which in turn decides the full impact of the water fountain.

Having an angel water feature can mean something more than the traditional functions of a garden fountain. The presence of these happy peaceful angels on your property can only mean one thing, that there’s an aura of goodness and fairness in the area, or the angels would never condescend to being there.


The Magical Properties of Angel Outdoor Fountains

The most sophisticated angel outdoor water fountain design here is Henri Studio’s Antique Cherubs Fountain. Despite the size of this large outdoor fountain, standing nearly 6-foot tall with a water bowl 4-foot in diameter, the first impression you will have is that it’s a relic, probably a priceless piece from another time in history.  If you were to present this fountain as a work of some famous Italian master, you would probably be believed. In any event, the other person would be too enchanted by the sight and sound of this angel outdoor water fountain to think about anything else.

You’re in luck if you’re impressed by the cherubs, for this angel who waits on God can be found in other designs such as the Cherub Outdoor Wall Water Fountain. The former is a fun-filled wall outdoor fountain supported by two miniature lions. On the wall piece are two adorable cherubs dutifully blowing ancient horns as if commanding water to sprout out of a lion head while a smaller stream of water flow out of each horn. It’s almost impossible to predict the precise effect of this idiosyncratically brilliant fountain. It would depend on the muse of the observer. As for the latter, it seems quite a bit simpler – two cherubs in a courtship holding each other’s incredibly chubby and cute paw.

The other main theme apart from cherubs is boys. Check out the Vitalius Fountain and see if you can feel the vitality of the boy riding on a thrashing giant fish. Go on, you’ll have fun exploring the rest of our angel outdoor fountains.

Angel Outdoor Fountains

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