Lion Wall Outdoor Water Fountain

Lion fountains have been around for thousands of years. They are classic and timeless, as they symbolize power, strength and courage. These water fountains have been making a bold statement in outdoor décor for centuries. Used to be a sign of affluence, these lion fountains  are now accessible to anyone who chooses this style. A classic look that never goes out of style, adding one of these water features to your property will definitely turn some heads.

Top  lion head outdoor fountains for 2023


1. Lion Wall Outdoor Water Fountain

Lion Wall Outdoor Water Fountain

Simply designed yet classic in appeal, the Lion Wall Outdoor Water Fountain has a flat back so it can be placed against any patio or garden wall. This wall fountain brings the music of crystal clear running water to a home, creating  a serene atmosphere.  Weighing only 287 lbs. and standing at 40.5 inches tall  and 26.5 inches wide, adding a touch of sophistication has never been this easy because sometimes, simplicity is all it takes.


2. Extra Large Vesuvio Outdoor Water Fountain with Lion Pedestals

Extra Large Vesuvio Outdoor Water Fountain with Lion Pedestals

Bold but not overpowering, the Extra Large Vesuvio Outdoor Water Fountain with Lion Pedestals is a 103” tall masterpiece with a sea-inspired look that is completed and accented by four gorgeously shaped lion pedestals and 2 stunningly gorgeous tiers. With its unique design, this fountain is able to manipulate the water to move in a way that creates a relaxing scene. The combination of both the sheer elegance that the fountain possesses and the dynamic and aurally-alive display of its water in motion guarantees that your visitors will be captivated as soon as they step into your outdoor living space.


3. Lion Garden Water Fountain

Lion Garden Water Fountain

Grace your garden with the Lion Garden Water Fountain. Flat back, this lion fountain is perfect set against garden walls, placed in court yards, patios and alcoves. It features an artfully carved lion head, pouring water forth from its mouth so that it pools in a tier below and then overflows into the basin.


4. Classic Lion Cast Stone Outdoor Fountain

Classic Lion Cast Stone Outdoor Fountain
Experience the regal beauty of the Classic Lion Cast Stone Outdoor Fountain, a remarkable centerpiece for any garden. Designed to harmonize effortlessly with the surrounding flora, this fountain showcases intricately carved lion heads atop a stone column, gracefully emitting water streams from their mouths. The gentle and melodic sounds of water flowing into the large octagonal basin, perched atop a grand octagonal base, creates an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity.

5. Lion Tiered Outdoor Fountain-Medium

Lion Tiered Outdoor Fountain -Medium
Crafted from resilient cast stone, the Lion Tiered Outdoor Fountain -Medium  showcases a magnificent tiered design. Its elegant grooved tiers are expertly embellished with meticulously chiseled lion heads, adding a touch of sophistication. Standing at an impressive five feet tall, this fountain becomes a captivating focal point in any garden setting. 

6. Lion Tiered Garden Fountain - Small

Lion Tiered Garden Fountain - Small

Standing at a modest height of three feet and two inches, the Lion Tiered Garden Fountain - Small makes a striking statement with its bold and dramatic tiered design. This fountain exudes a grandiose aura, elevating the ambiance of your outdoor living space. Adorned with four masterfully chiseled lion sculptures, it adds a touch of artistry to the intricately grooved tier and basin. 


These magnificent works blend artistry, craftsmanship, and the enchantment of nature's beauty. These top lion head outdoor fountains will provide a dominating presence to any outdoor space, providing a genuinely fascinating environment.


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