trinity falls indoor water fountain

An indoor fountain is the perfect addition for you home, office, or virtually anywhere you wish to put one. They provide soothing sounds and looks to bring the ambiance of that room to an all-time high. It can be difficult to find just the right one for you and your individual wants and needs.

Most Stunning Indoor Water Fountains: Top 25 Picks

We've collaborated 25 of the most popular indoor water fountains we sell, ranging from small tabletop fountains, to grand wall fountains hoping to spark your decorative eye, giving you inspiration for your next room improvement.

1. Kumi Falls Wall Fountain

Kumi Falls Wall Fountain 

  • 28''W x 95.6''H x 7''D
  • Different Trim Options Available
  • Each Fountain is A Unique Feature (Inquire Regarding Logo or Image Engraving)

This extra tall indoor water feature is ideal in rooms where you need a unique vertical element to accommodate high ceilings. This feature has all of our common features with the added benefit of having a height of just over 95 inches to help fill an exceptionally tall space. With a conversation starter like this, you’ll appreciate the self-contained design which includes covered sides. This means there are no cords, hardware, or tubes to distract you or your guests from enjoying the serenity of your fountain.

A premium feature of this, and all of our wall fountains, is a water distribution unit that allows you to have hassle-free upkeep. Our fountains are designed to give you a complete, even flow of water every time you turn on the fountain, without some of the periodic maintenance steps that you might have to take with other fountains. From the first moment you turn it on and for years to come, you’ll enjoy the way you get consistently amazing performance.

You can customize either the surface as well to include images such as a logo or design.

2. Whispering Creek Wall Water Fountain


Whispering Creek Wall Water Fountain


  • 46" x 22" x 5"
  • Indoor and Outdoor Rated
  • Customizable Trim and Surface Options
  • LED Lighting Included

The Whispering Creek Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features combines contemporary elegance with organic elements. On this fountain, water flows over either a natural Featherstone slate or metallic mirrored surface, creating a waterfall effect that is both calming and captivating. The fountain’s elegant frame is also available in a variety of attractive colors and finishes, allowing you to create a customized finished product that perfectly complements your interior décor.

At the base of this fountain, you’ll find a water tight tray that comes complete with a special splash guard tray and polished river rocks for added appeal. This not only adds an element of design, but also ensures that the gently flowing water never splashes on surrounding surfaces. To add even more visual impact, optional remote controlled LED lights feature dynamic effects and various color options.

This handmade fountain measures 46"H x 22"W x 5"D and installs easily thanks to an included wall-mount bracket. It effortlessly elevates the look of any space and instantly adds an extra sense of sophistication to your existing interior design.

3. Solace Wall Water Fountain

Solace Wall Fountain


  • Available in Multiple Color Options
  • Unique Modern Design
  • Made of Slate and Metal Trim for a Sleek Look

For a unique accent piece that is endlessly fascinating, you can’t go wrong with the Solace Wall Fountain. Designed to make a statement, this contemporary piece of décor is a contemporary work of art. You can even include a logo or design to complement the unique slate!

With this 108''W x 95.6''H x 7''D free-standing fountain, an endless stream of captivating water cascades over the slate. The slate is effortlessly accented by a durable, sleek, and stylish metal trim. If that wasn’t enough to make this a modern marvel, it also includes ambient LED lighting.

Designed for interior or exterior use, this low maintenance fountain comes complete with everything you need to get it up and running. You’ll be amazed at how many compliments you receive when you add this conversation-starting piece of décor to you existing interior or exterior space.

4. Harmony River Floor Water Fountain - Center MountHarmony River Floor Water Wall Fountain

  • 70" x 31" x 14"
  • Great For Indoor and Outdoor Settings
  • Different Pebble Options

For a free-standing fountain with undeniable visual impact, you can’t go wrong with the Harmony River Floor Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features. The sleek, symmetrical design is visually appealing and adds an air of tranquility to any room it enters. On this fountain, water gently trickles over a transparent glass panel, which is available in either clear, blue, or green color options. The streamlined frame is also offered in a variety of unique colors and finishes, allowing you to personalize this fountain to perfection.

Measuring 70"H x 31"W x 14"D, this fountain produces gentle, soothing sounds that make any space much more serene. At the base, a special splash guard is also accented by smooth, polished pebbles for added appeal. Easy to install and completely leak free, add lighting or a customized logo to further elevate its appearance. 

This free-standing fountain can be viewed from either side, making it an ideal focal point or room divider for any home, office, or workspace. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to decorating with the Harmony River Floor Water Fountain.

5. Double Elements Wall Fountain

Double Elements Wall Fountain


  • 80''W x 95.6''H x 7''D
  • Different Size Options Available (reach out for a quote)
  • Unique Selected Slate Options

Picture this - stepping off of the elevator or walking up the stairs to see the breathtaking elegance of this wall fountain. Measuring 80 inches wide and nearly 96 inches tall, this indoor waterfall is meant for large spaces and gives you a plethora of options to help you create a one-of-a-kind look for your business or home.

All our indoor water features are handmade in North America so you can customize essentially every element from the trim and surface material to the lighting and dimensions. Add your company’s logo, use laser etching to include a family photo or crest. There are a variety of options which you can discover. We’re here to make your vision a reality.

The attention to detail that is a key feature of our wall fountains is also reflected in details like our specialized water distribution system. With this system, you’ll enjoy full, even sheets of water every time you turn on the fountain. You’ll also appreciate the capped sides that make the fountain completely self-contained. Among the many accessories that are available to you, you can include an auto refilling system and/or UV sterilization that helps to remove a common maintenance concern.

6. Trinity Falls Wall Fountain

Trinity Falls Wall Fountain

  • 80''W x 53''H x 6.5''D
  • Hand Crafted Wall Water Feature
  • Customizable Options Available

Truly, who needs an 80 inch flat-screen TV when you can enjoy your view of this 80 inch wall fountain? While that may be exaggerating slightly, you can’t overstate this bold design that creates a uniquely dramatic first, second, and third impression. This water feature gives you many options to customize its style.

To begin with, you can choose a one-piece slate surface, or you can choose to divide the slate surface into three even pieces to open up a variety of design possibilities. Much like all of our wall fountains you get a choice of stainless steel or three different copper patina trims (heavy, medium, or light). Three different color options lets you contrast or match the slate surface to your home or business décor. That’s just the beginning! Because our indoor water features are handmade in North America, you can customize every element including the dimensions of the display, if needed!

At Outdoor Fountain Pros, our commitment to enduring craftsmanship is evident in the little details, like the self-contained design with capped sides. There’s no visible hardware and you won’t be able to see behind the fountain, so the only thing you have to focus on is the tranquility of your very own wall fountain. For added convenience, you can order a full plumbing kit that includes an automatic refilling system.

7. Aspen Falls Wall Water Fountain

Aspen Falls Indoor Wall Water Feature

  • 54" x 50" x 6"
  • Over 15 Different Surface Options
  • Optional Color Changing LED Lights Available

Sleek, sophisticated, and stylish, the Aspen Falls Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features is the perfect accent piece for your home or office. Unlike other fountains, this wall-mounted design features dual panels and a streamlined, symmetrical design. Water effortlessly flows over each panel, adding a sense of serenity to your interior spaces.

This fantastic fountain also provides you with a wide variety of customization options. The pair of panels is available in either a mirror, feather stone, slate, or granite finish. The frame comes in several attractive colors and can either include round or square corners depending on your personal design aesthetic. 50-Watt halogen lights also allow you to illuminate its appearance while on display. Simply use the dimmer controls or included pull-chain to ensure its appearance perfectly aligns with your preferences.

No matter which colors or materials you select, each fountain features an advanced water distribution system, a watertight tray liner, an adjustable splash guard, and rounded pebble accents. Measuring 54"H x 50"W x 6"D, the Aspen Falls Wall Water Fountain is an attractive and surprisingly subtle addition to any existing décor.

8. Tranquil River Floor Water Fountain - Rear Mounted

Tranquil River Indoor Water Wall Fountain

  • 90" x 41" x 14"
  • Many Different Pebble and Surface Options
  • Customizable Lighting Options

The Tranquil River Floor Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features is a rear mounted accent piece that sits flush against any wall in your home, office, or other interior space. This allows it to create a commanding visual impact without requiring you to sacrifice precious space within your interiors. The beautiful center panel is available in either a feather stone or mirrored surface, and perfectly showcases the serene water that cascades over its elegant façade.

Along with an attractive metal frame, this fountain comes complete with plenty of other superior features. At the base, a special splash guard tray is covered with polished river rocks, which add an attractive, natural element to the design while also hiding the pump from view. A watertight tray liner also ensures that this fountain will never leak or deteriorate, even after years of continuous use.

This sleek, striking accent piece measures 90"H x 41"W x 14"D and acts as a fabulous focal point. To enhance its look even further, included lights illuminate its surface and subtly draw attention to its elegant appearance. Choose your materials, colors, and even add your brand’s logo to make this a one-of-a-kind piece that everyone will notice.

9. Calming Waters Wall Water Fountain

Calming Waters Wall Water Fountain Indoor

  • 53.5" x 34" x 7"
  • Unique Rounded Trim Design
  • Beautiful for Indoor or Outdoor Spaces

The Calming Waters Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features provides you with an elegant and understated way to incorporate the calming sound of rushing water into your décor. If tranquility and serenity are a top priority, this fantastic fountain will act as the perfect accent piece. Calming water rushes over the surface of either natural feather stone or a sleek mirrored panel, infusing your interiors with a peaceful presence.

This fountain’s sleek, eye-catching frame is treated with a powder coat finish and is available in a variety of metallic color options so that you can easily select one that matches your specific design aesthetic. You can also opt for either rounded or squared edges to further customize it to perfection. Within the frame hides a welded plastic liner that resists any type or leakage from occurring. A uniquely designed water distribution unit also ensures even water flow at all times.

Measuring just 53.5"W x 34"H x 7"D, this lightweight piece is easy to install thanks to the included brackets. Fully-contained, it features just one electric cord and a simple on and off switch for increased ease in operations. Simply add this exquisite accent to your walls to have the calming sounds of a flowing waterfall fill your interior spaces.

10. Tranquil River Floor Water Fountain - Center Mounted

Tranquil River Floor Water Fountain - Center Mounted

  • 90" x 41" x 14"
  • Outdoor Hood Cover Available for Easy Outdoor Installation
  • LED Lighting Option

This beautiful floor water fountain provides a level of luxury and ambiance like few others can. With the sturdy, beautiful basin housing an array of rocks, you get the feeling of nature that so many crave. Standing tall at 90" x 41" x 14" the back splash comes in a huge assortment of colors and textures, allowing you to style it in any way that you like. The water will cascade down over it in style, creating the perfect setting for any home or office space.

With the assortment of design options available, you’d be hard pressed to not find the look that compliments your space exactly. No matter what color or texture, you will get the ultimate in luxury and style when implementing one of these beautiful water fountains into your home or office space.

For businesses, you can also get your logo engraved on the back splash to create the ultimate in first impressions. Captivate clients with this impressive splash of luxury and relaxation.

 11. Olympus Falls Wall Water Fountain

Olympus Falls Large Indoor Outdoor Wall Fountain

  • 75" x 54" x 6"
  • Available in Marble, Travertine, and other Surface Options
  • Three Panel Modern Water Feature with LED Lighting Option

The Olympus Falls Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features is a majestic accent piece that commands attention in the best way possible.  Its clean lines and sleek surfaces make it the perfect addition to any home, office, or other interior living space. On this piece, a trio of matching panels are perfectly showcased within an elegant frame. Customize the panel materials, the frame’s finish, and even the shape of the edges to personalize this fountain to perfection.

 As water trickles down the slate, feather stone, marble, or granite panels, your air will be cleansed, and your environment will be instantly elevated. The base of the fountain includes a watertight tray liner and a hidden pump smoothly delivers a consistent stream of water. Polished river rocks also hide this fountain’s advanced mechanical systems while also adding an added element of design.

Measuring 75"W x 54"H x 6"D, the Olympus Falls Wall Water Fountain is a true statement piece. To make it even more personal, add your company’s unique logo or design to the front and allow the LED lights to illuminate your brand.

12. Inspiration Falls Wall Water Fountain

Inspiration Falls Indoor Wall Water Fountain

  • 69" x 30" x 6"
  • Beautiful Wall Art for Any Space
  • Highly Customizable Trim and Surface Options

You’ll be simply inspired by the relaxing sounds and the captivating appearance of the Inspiration Falls Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features. Modern and elegant in design, the flowing water does more than just make your interior spaces more tranquil. When in use, this fountain also humidifies the air and promotes a healthier environment overall.

This wall piece measures 69"H x 30"W x 6"D and can be perfectly customized to align with your design aesthetic. The center surface is available in a variety of colors and materials, including slate, granite, and a sleek mirrored surface. Then, choose your desired material to make the elegant frame come to life. At the base, rounded river rocks prevent splashing and also conceal this fountain’s inner mechanics. A watertight tray liner, water pump, and a superior water distribution system all make this fountain run flawlessly.

At the top of the frame, you’ll also find three 50-Watt halogen lights. A dimmer and a convenient pull switch also allow you to find the amount of illumination you prefer. Beautiful, stunning, and serene, the Inspiration Falls Wall Water Fountain adds elements of the natural world to your interior spaces.

13. Teton Falls Wall Water Fountain

Teton Falls Wall Water Fountain

  • 45" x 61" x 6"
  • 13 Trim Options to Choose From
  • Comes with Recirculating Electric Pump

The Teton Falls Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features will transform your office, home, or other interior spaces into a serene, spa-like environment. The sounds of gently rushing water will fill the air, while it’s striking appearance never fails to make a statement once installed. Measuring 45"H x 61"W x 6"D, this large, horizontal piece will continually capture your imagination and treat your senses.

The interior panel is available in either a natural flag stone or mirrored finish, allowing you to create a look that complements your existing décor. This Wall Water Fountain also features a frame that is offered in a variety of metallic or wooden color options. No matter if you choose a frame with round or square edges, the bottom basin will always include stylish river rocks that prevent splashing and add an elegant accent. A recirculating electric pump, splash guard tray, and watertight tray liner are all hidden from view but provide you with a consistently calming flow of water.

Adding your company’s custom logo or design also makes it ideal for any office space. When the lights go out for the evening, this fountain’s dimmable halogen lights also ensure your brand is always on display, even after hours.

14. Summit Falls Wall Water Fountain

Summit Falls Wall Water Fountain

  • 74" x 40" x 6"
  • A Customizable Work of Art for Any Home
  • Can Come With a Variety of Pebble Options to Complement the Stone and Trim Options

For a unique piece of décor that will transform your home or office space, the Summit Falls Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features is a perfect pick. This large, commanding piece of artwork measures 74"H x 40"W x 6"D and provides a fabulous focal point while also filling your spaces with the calming sounds of rushing water.

The stylish center panel is available in either a Featherstone or mirrored finish, while the contemporary frame is offered in a variety of fantastic color options. To truly make it a one-of-a-kind piece, simply add your company or brand’s custom design to the center panel to make your logo come to life. Integrated lighting further enhances this fountain’s appearance and ensures it always takes center stage within your interiors.

Easy to install, it includes a rear splash guard, watertight tray liner, and a whisper-quiet pump. This fountain measures 74"H x 40"W x 6"D and will perfectly complement your design aesthetic. As water flows from the top towards the pebble-filled basin, you’ll be continually treated to the calming sounds of flowing water.

15. Pacifica Waters Wall Water Fountain

Pacifica Waters Wall Water Fountain

  • 32" x 69" x 7"
  • Stylish Rounded Trim Design
  • Can Come With Optional Colorful LED Lights for Added Style and Holiday Lighting Options

The Pacifica Waters Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features is sleek, simple, and sophisticated in design. The presence of two halogen lights makes the water shimmer and shine as it cascades over the stylish center panel. The soothing sounds will turn any home, office, or business space into a spa-like retreat.

This self-contained fountain’s exemplary exterior can be perfectly customized to your preferences. It measures 32” Wide x 69” High x 7” Deep and features five surface material options and seven frame finishes. A superior powder coat finish on the painted metal trim also makes this lightweight accent piece even more durable. Polished pebbles at the base prevent splashing and also add a perfect finishing touch.

Included hanging hardware makes it easy to install, while superior design ensures it will last the test of time. A welded plastic liner successfully prevents leakage, while the intelligently-designed water distribution system gives you an even, clog-free waterflow. After installation, simply insert the 90-degree plug into any standard wall outlet to immediately enjoy this fountain’s calming presence.

16. Grandeur River Floor Water Fountain - Centered in Base

Grandeur River Floor Water Fountain

  • 96" x 60" x 14"
  • Glass Surface Option for Double Sided Viewing
  • Centered Base for Increased Stability

A glistening metallic finish successfully sets the Grandeur River Floor Water Fountain - Centered in Base by Adagio apart from all others. Made of high-grade materials, a clear, green or blue glass surface and finished aluminum frame give off a wonderfully warm glow. Pair that with the soothing sounds of flowing water, and you have a center-mount fountain that is sure to impress.

This fountain’s inner workings all ensure a superior user experience. It comes complete with a recirculating electric pump, water distribution system, and a pebble beach splash guard tray, which flawlessly combine to create a smooth, even flow of water. At the base, polished river rocks are a natural design element that also successfully prevent unwanted splashing.

Ideal for both interior and exterior spaces, it measures 96"H x 60"W x 14"D. It’s impressive capacity also ensures that your living spaces are always filled with the tranquil sounds of water cascading over the chic center panel. To make this metallic fountain even more magnificent, simply engrave your custom logo or design into the center panel. 

17. Cottonwood Falls Wall Water Fountain

Cottonwood Falls Wall Water Fountain

  • 69" x 61" x 6"
  • 12 Month Limited Warranty
  • Different Natural Stone Surface Options Available

The Cottonwood Falls Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features has a sleek, streamlined appearance that will flawlessly complement your existing décor. This wall-mounted measures 69"H x 61"W x 6"D and features a superior water distribution system so that water flows gently and evenly over the dual center panels. An included installation bracket also makes it easy to install, allowing you to enjoy its ambiance as soon as possible.

This fountain can be perfectly customized to match your design preferences. The center panels are available in 17 different surface materials, while the frame features 13 varying color options. To further customize its appearance, you can easily order it with your custom logo or design in the center. Pair that with the dimmable halogen lights and you have an illuminated accent piece that looks beautiful even after dark.

It comes complete with a watertight tray liner and a superior water distribution system for your convenience. The whisper-quiet water pump is also hidden from view thanks to the polished pebbles that fill the bottom basin. Dynamic and delightful in design, this fountain was created to provide you with a superior experience.

18. Reflection Creek Wall Water Fountain

Reflection Creek Wall Waterfall Fountain

  • 27" x 38" x 5"
  • Perfect for Any Indoor or Outdoor Space
  • Sleek Customizable Trim Options

If you are looking to implement a little bit of class and luxury into your space but don’t want to dominate the space, look no further than this luxurious wall water fountain. It captivates those who enter your home or office, implementing a feeling of nature and luxury in one full sweep. Best of all, this wall water fountain is fully customizable. While measuring at 27" x 38" x 5" you can get it in a number of different colors and textures so that it fits your current design motif without having to change anything else in your home or office.

Most of all, it delivers a calming sense of relaxation like few other fixtures can. The water cascading down over the back splash will provide that cool, calm setting that can make it the destination in any building in which it resides.

From the base to the back splash, you can customize your wall water fountain to look exactly as you like. It can fit in with your current design setup with little to no issue and create a focal point regardless of the room that it inhabits..

19. Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain

Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain

  • 35" x 52" x 6"
  • Color Logo Option (Mock-Ups Available Upon Request)
  • Handmade in the USA by Fine Craftsmen 

The Sunrise Springs Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features brings the free flowing beauty of nature into your interior spaces. This horizontal fountain measures 35"H x 52"W x 6"D and will instantly captivate the senses. Not to mention, the presence of rushing water effortless humidifies and cleanses the air, giving you a healthier living or work environment.

The nine stunning surface options include slate, marble, Featherstone or mirror. Completely customize your look by selecting the frame’s finish and shape. To further add a personal touch, consider including your company’s custom logo or design in the center to breathe new life into your brand. For added ambiance even after dark, it also features halogen lights that can easily be turned on and off via the included pull-chain.

This stylish accent piece comes complete with a leak-proof welded plastic liner, a superior water distribution unit, and a recirculating electric pump that is hidden from view by the polished river rocks that fill the basin. Easy to install, this fully-contained wall fountain will instantly elevate your décor to a fantastic new level.

 20. Campania Pebble Mini Series Fountain

Campania International Pebble Mini Series Fountain

  • 9.5"D x 9.5"H X 6.5"L
  • Made of Fiber Reinforced Cast Stone Concrete
  • Bubbling Water Feature Perfect for Small Areas

Sometimes it can be far more effective to add a little bit of a complimentary design to your home or office than bringing in a huge, dominating feature. The latter can take up a ton of space and drown out everything else in the space. With a complimentary piece like this mini series fountain, you get the all-natural look that a fountain brings to the mix without it becoming the focal point of the room. Measuring 9.5" x 9.5" x 6.5" and only 21 pounds, you can bring a little bit of nature into any room, making it feel lighter and fresher.

Then there is the case of the cascading water. Flowing subtly over the rocks in the main basin, you can create a comfortable and relaxing space by adding this piece to any table in any room in your home or office.

Create a sense of relaxation and welcoming unlike any other before by adding a beautiful complimentary mini fountain to your design aesthetic. It will go a long way towards making that face feel soothing and welcoming unlike any other.

21. Lotus Falls Wall Fountain

Lotus Falls Wall Water Fountain


  • 80''W x 95.6''H x 7''D
  • Uniquely Made to Order
  • LED Lights

The ingenuity of this fountain goes beyond the attractive surface. In fact what might be most obvious is what you don’t see, namely unsightly cords, hardware or tubing that can be typically seen behind the fountain. All of our handmade wall fountains feature capped sides for a self-contained design that keeps the focus right where you want it – on the tranquility and consistent performance of this indoor waterfall. And with six, 50-watt halogen lights, what a view you’ll receive.

This fountain also helps to take care of some common maintenance concerns with accessories that give you a direct plumb option that allows automatic refilling and UV sterilization that helps keep your water crystal clear.

This fountain also helps to take care of some common maintenance concerns with accessories that give you a direct plumb option that allows automatic refilling and UV sterilization that helps keep your water crystal clear.

22. Deep Creek Falls Wall Water Fountain

Deep Creek Falls Wall Waterfall Fountain

  • 69" x 91" x 6"
  • Custom Stone Selection Option
  • Reach Out to Us Regarding Custom Dimensions

The Deep Creek Falls Wall Water Fountain by Adagio Water Features is a visually impactful work of art. Natural elements and a sleek, sophisticated design combine to create a statement-making accent piece that will transform your interiors. It measures 91" wide and 69" high, ensuring everyone will take notice when this fountain is installed on your walls.

Bold and regal, this water feature can be perfectly customized to your preferences. The trio of center panels are available in several unique surface materials, all which combine beautifully with the multitude of metallic frame shapes and finishes. Nine dimmable 50-watt halogen lights also illuminate this fountain to perfection so you can enjoy its beauty even when the lights are low.

This fantastic fountain comes complete with a high-quality splash guard, water tight tray liner, and water distribution system, while polished river rocks line the basin and add the perfect finishing touch. Simply install it using the included installation bracket and you’ll have a sophisticated piece of décor that humidifies your air and fills the room with the gentle sound of flowing water.

23. Solitude River Three Panel Wall Fountain

Solitude River Three Panel Wall Fountain

  • 69" x 78" x 6"
  • Custom Business Logo Option Available
  • White or Colored LED Light Options

Serenity and solitude are easy to achieve when you incorporate the Solitude River Three Panel Wall Fountain by Adagio Water Features into your existing décor. Your home, office, or business will be transformed by this bold, statement-making wall accessory. This fountain will cleanse your air, fill the room with the tranquil sounds of rushing water, and transform any room into a spa-like environment.

This piece measures 69"H x 78"W x 6"D and installs easily thanks to the included installation bracket. Water cascades effortlessly over the trio of center panels, which can be ordered in a variety of materials that range from natural Featherstone to a reflective mirrored surface. Several different frame finishes also ensure it will flawlessly align with your existing design aesthetic. Or, add your company’s custom logo to make your business look even more impressive.

Five 50-Watt halogen lights also highlight this fountains beautiful appearance. The lights can be controlled by a dimmer switch so that the amount of light can be completely personalized to your preferences. Consider this eye-catching piece the perfect way to add elegance and ambiance into any frequently used space.  

24. Serene Waters Wall Fountain

Serene Waters Wall Water Fountain

  • 36" x 21" x 6"
  • Easy Installation
  • Different Stone and Pebble Options Available

When just a slight accent is needed, the Serene Waters Wall Fountain by Adagio Water Features is the perfect solution. Sleek and contemporary in design, it brings the calming nature of rushing water into your living spaces. Measuring just 36"H x 21"W x 6"D, this easy to install water feature will instantly add a sense of calm and tranquility.

Water cascades over the center panel, while an included halogen bulb makes it sparkle and shine in the light. Perfectly display the running water by choosing the frame and center panel finish that best aligns with your existing décor. Elegant materials, a continuous flow of water, and polished pebbles all make this a fabulous focal point.

This fountain performs to perfection thanks to the included tray liner and electric water pump. Its mechanics, however, never detract from the gentle sounds of trickling water. Although slight, this fountain will elevate your interiors in a way you never thought possible.

25. Mega Grandeur Center Mount Floor Fountain

Mega Grandeur Center Mount Floor Fountain

  • 84" x 120" x 14"
  • Larger Sizes Available (Reach Out for a Quote)
  • Logo Option Available

For a truly impressive piece of interior décor, you can’t go wrong with the Mega Grandeur Center Mount Floor Fountain from Adagio Water Features. The largest free-standing fountain available from this manufacturer, its bold, commanding presence creates a welcome focal point in large areas. It measures 84"W x 120"H x 14"D and will continually wow your guests with its beauty.

The center panel is made of a single clear piece of glass that can be ordered in three different color options. The surrounding frame is sleek, streamlined, and available in 13 unique colors and finishes. At the base, polished pebbles perfectly complement the glistening water that trickles from top to bottom. All of this is highlighted by soft lighting, which illuminates it’s inspiring sense of style.

A welded plastic liner and intelligently-designed water distribution system ensure it always performs to perfection. Incredibly easy to install, it features a single electrical cord and an included remote control for added convenience. This grand work of art will add extra elegance to even the largest interior spaces. 

Are water fountains good for indoors?

Water fountains can be a great addition to indoor spaces, offering both aesthetic and health benefits. They can add a calming ambiance and help humidify the air, which can be especially beneficial in dry climates or during the winter months. When choosing an indoor water fountain, it's important to consider the size and style of the fountain to ensure it complements the room's décor and fits the available space.

Where should a water fountain be placed indoors?

The placement of a water fountain is important to ensure it functions properly and fits well with the overall design of the room. Fountains should be placed on a level surface away from direct sunlight and heat sources. They should also be positioned near an electrical outlet for easy access to power.

Can you leave your indoor water fountain on all the time?

Indoor water fountains can be left on all the time, but it's important to monitor the water level and maintain the fountain to prevent stagnation and potential mold or mildew growth. Running the fountain continuously can help prevent these issues and keep the water fresh, but regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the fountain remains a healthy and enjoyable addition to indoor spaces.

How do you keep an indoor fountain water fresh?

To keep indoor fountain water fresh, it's important to regularly clean the fountain and change the water. This can be done every few weeks or more frequently if the water starts to look dirty or cloudy. Adding a water treatment solution can also help to prevent algae growth and keep the water clear.

Transforming Your Space with Indoor Water Fountains

These indoor water features are a great way to enhance the ambiance of any indoor space. With so many different styles and designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect indoor water fountain to suit your taste and budget. Go ahead and add a touch of tranquility and beauty to your indoor space with one of these stunning indoor water fountains.

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