M-Series Rustic Spa Garden Terrace Fountain with Planter

Bubble fountain work like magic. They don't have the regular, giant cascades as the ones with pools, or the obvious lapping and jetting like those with tiered nozzles. Quiet, unassuming, yet amazingly beautiful, bubble fountains bring your garden to life with its faint water flows and cheerful burbling of water. The sight of it is soothing; on an almost flat basin, you can see the water bubbling up from the middle, creating ripples over the small puddle, and rotates atop a beautiful installation. Not all fountains, it must be said, has to be extravagant. For some, a basic little bubbling is all they needed, and this water feature delivers perfectly well!


Trunk Garden Water Fountain


One of our favorite bubble fountain is the Trunk Garden Water Fountain. It is crafted from a strong material called glass fiber reinforced concrete, which is said to endure better than the regular cast stone surface. It has a wooden charm, thanks to its Sierra finish, and can fit eclectic homes with a tropical and resort-like twist.

For the rustic and timeless, the Spa Garden Terrace Fountain is the best choice. What we love about this is that it comes with its own planter; easily plant your favorite succulents and ferns on the pot and have it draped with organic greenery. It is also made from fiber reinforced cast stone and can be conveniently plugged into a standard 110V outlet. The best part? It doesn't need any plumbing as it only recirculates minimal water in the fountain.

Looking for something more elegant? ow about the Coin Garden Terrace Fountain? Instead of just rotating the bubbling water onto a seemingly flat basin, it ripples the liquid down the carved edges to the lower base. The result? A beautiful spectacle which can easily add some charm onto your garden. Place this between your potted plants and bask into the beautiful gurgling of water with this mini feature.

Maybe you want something extraordinary. Maybe you want something regal. Maybe you want something you have never seen before. If that's the case, we think the Eminent Garden Water Fountain is the one you need. A tall vase is perched atop a carved bowl. Water ripples from the top of the slender vase and rolls into the large basin. The Romanesque appeal of this installation makes it a great addition to nostalgic gardens.

Want to invite some magic into your backyard? How about purchasing the Zen Too Garden Water Fountain? Here, a pair of dandy frogs sit in front of each other, trying to meditate in front of a small carved fountain, as if trying to achieve a higher level of chi. This comical sight puts some joy into any bland corner, and invites the feeling of strange things coming to life with the power of imagination. This item makes used of reinforced fiber and requires no plumbing; just fill it with water, plug it in, and see it go!

Loved our bubble fountain series? Stay tuned to this blog and discover more of our favorite outdoor fountains! Listen from the pros; choose from our recommended items and experience the thrill of having a beautiful outdoor water feature.

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