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Water fountains are lovely additions to any home or office. You can add this intriguing water feature to your backyard patio or place one in your front door entryway. A water fountain brings the calming sound of flowing water and lovely aesthetics to any space. 

If you’re thinking about buying a water fountain as your next purchase, or are already enjoying one on your poolside deck or by your pond, you should make sure you have the right water fountain accessories to accompany your waterfall feature. 

Fountain accessories are items that help you maintain and add to your water fountain in a variety of ways. Some accessory examples include fountain cleaners, fountain covers, and lighting. 

Why You Need Accessories for Your Fountain

There are a few reasons why you may need fountain accessory products. First, many accessories for your water features are used to clean and maintain the fountain basin and operating parts. These tools help to ensure your fountain works in the best possible way for many years to come. 

Also, some fountain accessory items are useful for highlighting the overall beauty of your fountain. For example, fountain lights help you to enjoy the vision of your water feature during the nighttime as well as the day. 

Although you don’t need too many extra components to help your fountain work well. There are items that will aid in having your fountain shine and stay in the best possible shape.

Types of Fountain Accessories 

There are many fountain products you can buy as accessories for this home decor item. Here are some top fountain accessory products you should have on your radar when you shop:

Fountec Fountain Cleaner

Fountec Fountain Cleaner


It’s important to keep your outdoor fountain clean, especially since it can gather debris quite quickly. Fortunately, Fountec Fountain Cleaner helps to keep the water clear and clean. This product is easy to use and will help the fountain life be as long as possible. This effective product is non-hazardous and won’t stain the fountain basin. After you use the fountain cleaner, you’re sure to marvel at the results. 

Water Fountain Cover

Water Fountain Cover


Chances are likely that you won’t be using your fountain year-round. This is where this Water Fountain Cover comes in handy. You can choose the necessary size of cover for your fountains, from small to double extra large, and easily cover your water structure. The fountain cover will fit over the top of the fountain and basin. You won’t need to cover the base. The cover is waterproof and weather-resistant so it will protect your fountain and stay in good shape doing so.

Fountain Cover Medium

Fountain Cover Medium


This Fountain Cover Medium is another water fountain cover to consider in order to protect your water feature when you’re not using it. You can cover the fountain with this Tyvek material cover and keep the waterfall feature safe and in good condition until it’s warm enough to use it again. This cover is also available in small, large, and extra large sizes. 

Submersible Light Kits


If you want to add a beautiful glow to your fountain, consider buying the Submersible Light Kits. These submersible lights have waterproof housing and adjustable stands. You can easily plug in the light accessories with the included 16-foot power cords. You’ll be amazed at how different your water fountain looks when you add this extraordinary lighting option to it. And you can usually get a good price on fountain lights.


Purchase Your Best Fountain Accessory Products Today

Your outdoor fountain is sure to be beautiful on its own. However, when you buy certain fountain accessory pieces, you are helping your fountain to last longer, look better, and shine more brightly. Take a look at your fountain and see which accessories could provide an extra added feature to your lovely water structure. 

When you take good care of your fountain, you’ll be amazed at how long this home decor feature remains a focal point in your yard. And you can create an extra ambience simply by adding lights to your fountain. Accessories for fountains will help you achieve many goals.

Start shopping for the best fountain accessory products and add to your fountain decor today!

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