How to Clean Bird Bath Fountains

Bird baths are a lovely addition to any backyard or side garden. These outdoor water features provide a cool spot for birds to bathe and play. Bird bath fountains also offer an excellent way for the homeowner, family members, and houseguests to enjoy the nature around them.

How to Clean a Bird Water Fountain?

If you have a bird water fountain or want to buy one to add to your home’s exterior, you must make sure to keep the garden fountain clean. Bird bath fountains should be cleaned every 30 days. You might have to clean your bird water fountain a bit sooner if you notice excessive buildup.

Fortunately, it’s easy to clean birdbath fountains. So easy that any bird water fountain owner can do so, even if you’re new to the process. If you’re wondering how to clean bird bath fountains, we have the answers for you!

Here are some easy steps to clean your birdbath fountain and maintain a healthy, hygienic spot for your feathered friends to enjoy.

Step 1: Turn Off Fountain and Remove Water Pump

The first step is to turn off your water fountain for birds. Once your birdbath fountain is off, you can remove the water pump. Follow the water pump manufacturer instructions as to how to clean this important piece of equipment. 

Step 2: Completely Empty Bird Bath

The next step is to empty the water out of the bird bath basin. Once the birdbath fountain is completely empty of water, you’re ready to head on to the cleaning steps of the process.

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Step 3: Use Hose to Spray Out Dirt and Debris

Once the birdbath fountain is emptied, use a hose to spray the basin and get rid of any surface dirt and grime. Some of the debris in the basin will come off with the water pressure from the hose.

Step 4: Scrub Basin

The next step involves using a scrub brush to tackle any areas of dirt that have yet to be removed. Fill a bucket with water and a few drops of dish cleaning soap to use when you scrub the basin.

Step 5: Add Cleaning Ingredients

If the hose and scrub brush technique doesn’t remove all the dirt and grime, you can use some cleaning ingredients. Combine one part chlorine bleach with four parts water in the fountain basin to work as a cleaning solution. If you’d like a more natural option, substitute the chlorine bleach with vinegar.

Step 6: Cover Bird Bath and Let Cleaning Solution Soak

Once you have your chosen cleaning solution in the fountain basin, cover the bird bath fountain basin with a large trash bag so no birds or other animals can get into it while the solution is soaking. Let the solution soak for 10-15 minutes.

Step 7: Empty Basin and Rinse

After the 10-15 minutes is up, empty the basin and rinse it out. Use gloves for protection and empty the basin in a safe location of your yard where the solution won’t be touched. Make sure to thoroughly clean the basin and get all the solution out of the birdbath fountain.

Step 8: Let the Basin Air Dry

Once your bird bath fountain is clean and rinsed, give the fountain basin time to air dry prior to refilling it with water.

Step 9: Reassemble Pump and Fill Fountain with Water

After your birdbath fountain has dried in the air and sunlight, it’s time to get it back into working order. Reassemble your fountain pump after it’s been cleaned properly according to manufacturer instructions. Then, reattach the pump in the fountain so it’s ready to go. 

Once the pump is back in the fountain, fill the outdoor garden fixture with water and start enjoying the lovely sights and sounds of your bird bath fountain once again.

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Keep Your Bird Bath Fountain Fresh and Clean

With outdoor water features such as bird bath fountains in your backyard or garden, you can improve the visual aesthetics of your property and offer a fun place for birds to keep cool.

If you’re worried about constantly cleaning your bird water fountain, don’t stress. This task is only completed periodically and doesn’t take much time out of your day to do so. The end result is a clean outdoor birdbath fountain that attracts unique and beautiful birds to your yard. You’ll also enjoy the calming sound of the water feature as you sit outside and enjoy nature. 

If cleaning your bird bath seems unfeasible and you're thinking of discarding it, consider repurposing it as a planter instead. This approach can introduce a fresh, dynamic element to your garden's aesthetic.

If you buy a new bird water fountain for your landscape, keep it fresh and clean with these periodic cleanings. 

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