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Different Types of Outdoor Fountains

When you think of an outdoor fountain, you may think of one or two different types of fountains. However, you may not realize that these water features are available in so many different styles, materials, and sizes. From a tiered fountain to a wall fountain, you have many fountain options.

The number of types of fountains available is large in quantity and come in interesting designs. This is one of the reasons this outdoor home decor piece tempts many people. In addition to adding garden fountains to your home and small patios, you can even add these beautiful visions to office property and other commercial buildings for aesthetic appeal. Self contained fountains are especially popular items, both for indoor fountains and outdoor fountains.

Whichever types of fountains you adore, know that the end result is a lovely decor item that is both aesthetically pleasing and relaxing.

Why Fountains Are Popular Products

You may wonder why garden fountains are so popular with homeowners and commercial building owners. For quite a few reasons! First, fountains offer a lovely vision for the owners of these properties as well as for visitors. Also, when you add an outdoor fountain to your home, you’re introducing a relaxing structure that brings a calming vibe to the outdoor space. These fountains provide a spiritual and physical cleansing for mind, body, and soul. In addition, if you have a lot of open space that you want to fill with a beautiful structure, adding a fountain is an excellent way to do so!

Different Types of Outdoor Fountains

There are so many different types of fountains, from a floor fountain to a disappearing fountain, that you may find it difficult to narrow down the choices to just one. However, rest assured that no matter what fountain you select, it will likely be the perfect addition to your property.

Ready to start reviewing your options? Here are some of the main types of fountains you can add to your home:

Cast Stone Fountains

Cast stone fountains are a sturdy and lovely fountain option to add to your property. This type of water feature may consist of shapes, statuaries, animals, and many other themes. A cast stone fountain is a popular option as it is often weather-resistant and easy to maintain. You’ll find that many fountain manufacturers create cast stone fountains due to their durability and popularity. However, fountains can be made of other materials, too.

Animal Fountains

If you love animals, you’ll probably enjoy adding an animal fountain to your outdoor landscape. From dogs to cats and lions to frogs, you’ll find fountains featuring these types of animals and other wildlife. If you have a favorite animal, you can add a water feature with spouting fountains to your property where your beloved animal is front and center. You'll also likely marvel at the elaborate carvings you'll find with this type of fountain.

Angel Fountains

Bring an angelic and spiritual vibe to your garden area by adding an angel fountain. Angel fountains are available in many styles, from small cherubs to tall, impressive angel statuaries. If you are a spiritual and faithful individual, an angel fountain may be perfect for you. You can choose a pondless fountain or one with a pool at the bottom as there are so many different types of fountains.

Urn Outdoor Fountains

Urn outdoor fountains offer a classic water structure for your outdoor space. The urn fountains come in many different sizes, materials, and styles. You can choose a basic urn fountain that blends in well with the landscape or opt for a more ornate urn fountain, including cascading fountains, to really stand out for all to see. These fountains make excellent garden fountains. You can choose an urn outdoor fountain that has one spout or multiple water streams. There are many options with urn outdoor fountains that you’re sure to marvel at the choices!

Fountains with Pools 

The lovely visions of flowing fountains with pools are ones you’ll not soon forget. The calming water flow offers a relaxing vibe as the water streams gently down from the fountain water spout to the pool below. You can choose a large cascading fountain with pool for a focal point on your front lawn or opt for a smaller, more modest size fountain with pool to set up by your backyard patio. These cascading fountains are a bit larger in size, so make sure you like the spot you choose to place it as it will probably stay there once in place.

Asian Fountains

Asian fountains are beautiful water structures that combine nature and elegance in a lovely fountain. You can choose your ideal fountain from various styles such as a Japanese fountain or Buddha water fountain. There are also Asian spillway style fountains where the water flows from the top of the fountain down to the bottom, making its way via horizontal spouts. If you want to add a peaceful vibe to your gardens, Asian fountains are often ideal outdoor water fountains to buy. You may even find these beautiful natural fountains with river rocks.

Corner Fountains

If you have a large, empty space in the corner of your front door, outdoor entryway or backyard deck, a corner fountain may be the outdoor decor piece your home needs. Corner fountains are available in many different sizes and styles. Therefore, you can find the right style outdoor water fountain for your space. Corner fountains can also come in the form of swimming pool fountains.

Statuary Fountains

A statuary fountain is an elegant addition to set up next to your backyard pond or enjoy from a garden bench. When you add a statuary fountain, you’re adding a structure that's a fountain and an art piece all rolled into one. And these statues don’t have to be extremely large. If you only have a small amount of space, you can find smaller statuary fountains with cherubs, angels, or other lovely figures. 

Wall Fountains

When you think of a fountain, you might think of a large, multi-tiered cast stone structure in the middle of an open space. However, not all fountains have these characteristics. For example, wall fountains can be placed in any location where you have an exterior wall. A wall fountain will dress up the empty wall space and add a calming vibe to your property. The wall fountains look great on any wall, such as next to your swimming pool.

Birdbath Water Fountains

If you want to set up a spot for your favorite feathered friends, add a birdbath garden fountain to your backyard gardens. When you choose this type of water basin fountain, you have a spot where your bird friends can splash, drink, and play. And you have a location where you can enjoy the sights of these beautiful creatures while listening to the softly flowing water. 

Tier Fountains

Tier fountains are impressive water structures that make a great centerpiece. Tiered fountains can be small or large, with two or a few tiers on them. You can choose tiered fountains with multiple water streams or one main water spout flowing from the top and down the multiple tiers. When you want to impress houseguests and business visitors, tiered fountains often make this possible.

How to Choose an Outdoor Fountain 

Now that you’ve seen some of the main types of outdoor fountains, how do you narrow the options to the one that suits your needs best? After all, you may just want one outdoor fountain to start with even though many of the options are tempting.

Here are some ways to narrow down the choices to the best outdoor water fountain for you:


Since fountains come in various sizes and you may know exactly what size fountain you want, this aspect could be a good deciding factor for you. After all, you may not have too much space, or you may have a lot of open space. Either way, when you consider what size fountain serves your needs best, you’ll be able to zone in on the right option.


There are so many different and unique styles of outdoor fountains. You might find yourself drawn to one particular style, such as a modern fountain or fountain with a natural look, or you may want to review the options. When you look at the different fountain styles, consider which option you like best and what type would go well with your outdoor landscape. You might even find a style of fountain that has LED lights and other light features.


Some materials are more weather resistant than others. You can consider the material type of each fountain to see if it’s the type you want for your outdoor space. Remember that cast stone fountains are weather resistant, in case you want a fountain that withstands the outdoor elements. But there are other fountain materials that weather the elements, too.


Before you settle on a specific outdoor fountain for your home or commercial building, consider where you’ll put your new water feature. The desired location will help you pick a style and size of fountain. You can also look at your overall landscape design to see which fountain looks best. You may even find that one fountain material type will look better in a specific location than another spot. The type of power source your fountain requires may also dictate where you put your new fountain.


Fountains range in price from less expensive to more costly. With that said, you’re likely to find an outdoor water fountain that fits within your budget. The more features a fountain has, the higher the price might be, but this is not always the case. If you’re buying an outdoor fountain on a budget, you can often narrow down the options by price range. This will help you focus on fountains that work well with your budget. But, remember that fountains may be a great investment for you.

How do outdoor water fountains work?

Outdoor water fountains operate on a relatively simple principle. They consist of a pump, a basin or reservoir, and a decorative structure or nozzle where the water flows out. The pump is submerged in the reservoir and circulates water up through a hose or pipe to the top of the fountain. From there, the water is released through the nozzle, creating the desired water display. Gravity then causes the water to flow back down into the reservoir, where it is recirculated by the pump. Some fountains may have additional features like lights or timers to enhance their aesthetics and functionality. Overall, the continuous circulation of water creates a soothing and visually appealing display.

How to keep outdoor fountains clean?

To maintain the beauty and functionality of outdoor fountains, regular cleaning is essential. Start by turning off the fountain and unplugging the pump. Remove debris, leaves, and algae from the water surface. Scrub the basin or reservoir with a non-toxic cleaner and a brush. Rinse thoroughly and refill with fresh water. Clean or replace the pump filter as needed. Additionally, consider using algae control products or adding aquatic plants like water lilies to naturally filter the water and discourage algae growth. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and water quality checks, will keep your outdoor fountain looking and working its best.

Are outdoor fountains high maintenance?

Outdoor fountains vary in maintenance requirements depending on their size, design, and location. While they do require some upkeep, they are not necessarily high maintenance. Basic maintenance includes periodic cleaning, water quality checks, and pump maintenance, which can be done seasonally. More intricate fountains with intricate features may demand extra care. The key to reducing maintenance is proper installation and choosing a fountain size and style that suits your maintenance commitment. With routine care and attention, most outdoor fountains can be enjoyed with minimal hassle, providing a tranquil and aesthetic addition to your outdoor space.

How to create focal points in your garden water features?

Creating focal points in your garden water features can enhance their aesthetics and overall appeal. Here's how to achieve this:

  1. Select the Right Feature: Choose a water feature that aligns with your garden's style and size. It could be a central fountain, a pond, a birdbath, or a sculptural element. Consider the existing landscape and architecture for a harmonious blend.

  2. Positioning: Place the water feature strategically, typically in a prominent location visible from various angles. It should draw the eye and become a natural focal point.

  3. Landscaping: Surround the water feature with complementary landscaping elements. Plant colorful flowers, shrubs, or ornamental grasses to frame the feature and add visual interest.

  4. Lighting: Use outdoor lighting to highlight your water feature, especially at night. Well-placed spotlights or submerged LED lights can create a stunning nighttime focal point.

  5. Art and Decor: Incorporate decorative elements like sculptures, stones, or decorative pots near the water feature to enhance its visual appeal.

  6. Sound: Consider the soothing sound of running water. A gently flowing stream or bubbling fountain can attract attention and create a tranquil atmosphere.

By carefully planning and incorporating these elements, you can successfully create captivating focal points in your garden water features, making your outdoor space more inviting and engaging.

Find Your Best Outdoor Fountain Today

Are you excited to start the search for the perfect outdoor spouting fountain for your space? You may even be tempted to buy more than one outdoor fountain or indoor fountain! Keep the previously mentioned types of fountains in mind as you shop for your new outdoor fountain. Consider the different features you should look for in a fountain and buy the falling water feature that makes the top of your outdoor fountain list! 

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