Flora Fountain in Mumbai

Mumbai's Flora Fountain, perched inside the Martyr's Square (locally known as Hutatma Chowk), is a majestically sculpted water feature. It is considered as an architectural heritage installation, and one can find it by trailing the southern end of the Dadabhai Naoroji Road at the commercial district in India's busy capital. The Flora Fountain was erected with great thoughts of artistry and water engineering. The construction started in 1864 and was said to cost about nine thousand pounds of sterling, which was a huge sum in the olden days.

The inspiration for the fountain was the Roman Goddess Flora, whose figure can be found at the center of the water feature. The fountain was supposed to be erected in the Victoria Gardens, until the then Mumbai Fort was demolished back in 1960 in the efforts of Sir Bartle Frere, then Governor of the era, to improve the municipal sanitation and provide urban spaces for the developing city. But before this demolition, the Fort has been furnished between the 1960s and 1970s by the renown British East India Company. The present day Dadabhaj Naoroji Road was then part of the colonial sight of the Crawford market which was then connected to the Victoria terminal.


Flora Fountain in Mumbai


Flora Fountain was birthed out of the concept of Richard Norman Shaw and was sculpted in rich Portland stone by James Forsythe. Originally, the fountain was designed for the former governor of Bombay, but after a few considerations, the builders took note of the Roman goddess of flowers and the beauty of spring. Thus, the sculpture includes a lovely array of a woman covered in flowers, with the Portland stone embellishing the tip of the fountain. Folklore figures cover the four corners of the fountain. Unfortunately, it was said that a coat of white oil paint has tainted the vintage value of the water feature.

Since its erection, Flora Fountain has been greatly protected by the city. Large sized banners were removed, so that tourists can see the great spectacle of the water feature. The Mumbai authorities have addressed the situation by providing architectural plans for shopkeepers and commercial establishments to implement their media without hindering the view of their local gem. This fountain, which has long been an inspiration for many artists and poets, continues to become a popular landmark for those visiting in Mumbai.

Around the Flora Fountain are various banks, offices and shops, making the district more lively; this is because the feature is found at the heart of a five-way street of the Central Business District of the city. From here, one can explore other great destinations, such as the pretty Victorian inspired buildings that surround the fountain. Other sights, such as the Rajahbai Tower and the High Court, are also easily accessed.

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