The New York City Waterfalls

Creating an astounding view beneath the Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York's prime landmarks, the New York City Waterfalls. Erected as a public art project in collaboration with the Public Art Fund, artist Olafur Eliasson has designed this amazing water feature with four different aspects. The first one, in lower Manhattan, is probably the most famous part of the project. It is perhaps the most expensive public art, costing about $15.5 million, ever since the installation of The Gates by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in Central Park.

The spectacular water feature began its showcase in June 2008 and ran from 7 o'clock in the morning to 10 o'clock in the evening until October of the same year. Such a short lifespan for such an expensive project, right?

New York City Waterfalls

Work for the said water feature began sometime in March, 2008. The Governors Island construction teams have employed pile driving in order to use the scaffolding in place, particularly in the Manhattan area. Once completed, the structure would be as tall as 64,000 sq ft and would weigh more than 250 tons. Eliasson has disclosed that these scaffolds were made to harmoniously blend with the urban setting without concealing their unique architecture.

108 people, including environmental advisers, were staffed for the entire project. It was made to be eco-friendly; the lights that illuminated the fountain were made out of LEDs and the energy was purchased from renewable sources. There were filters to keep fish and other marine life away from the waterfall. Eliasson intended that the materials used for the project will be made available for another use later on.

It could be surprising that this $15 million dollar actually had no city funding; that whopping amount was entirely sponsored by different businesses, organizations and donors. The biggest sponsor might be Bloomberg LP, which donated $13.5 million. The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has given $2 million.

What makes New York City the present cultural center of the world is its large scale public art and mural. This is akin to what Mayor Bloomberg, the biggest supporter of the project, has revealed. He says that this excites the locals and encourages visitors from another state, or even country, to visit this once-in-a-lifetime art piece. Despite of its costly exhibition, the waterfalls open a new chapter in the city's cultural legacy.

The four water features are installed in New York's famous commercial and industrial places. Through this project, Eliasson hopes that the audience will truly ponder about the relationship of water and structures to the spectacular metropolitan surroundings. The aim is to boost a sense of collectivity throughout the duration of the show.

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