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 Outdoor Urn Fountains

Urn water fountains immediately invoke classic charm and beauty. We’ve put together an exciting collection of urn water fountains for you to browse and inspect to your heart’s content. Take a look and there’ll be one that speaks to your heart.

Admirers of urn water fountains often think that having one vase water fountain outdoor is never enough. The more-is-merrier sentiment came to fruition in the world’s most famous urn water fountain, which is the Fontana delle Anfore in Italy, known as the Amphora Fountain to the English speaking world. The amphora is one of the oldest and most interesting urns in the world. It’s been found and traced back to the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. There are dozens of amphorae in the Amphora Fountain, matched only by the vast collection on presentation here at Outdoor Fountain Pros.


Symbolism of Urn Water Fountains

While it’s a matter of course that a water receptacle like an urn is used in a fountain design for gardens, there’s also a deeper meaning for incorporating an urn into a water fountain. An urn can hold water the same way it can hold a lot of other things including treasure, which makes it a symbol of plenty. Maybe that’s exactly why they tried to use as many urns as possible in the Amphora Fountain.

Many of the available urn water fountains at Outdoor Fountain Pros feature more than one urn. The water could drop out of a taller urn and right into another. That’s as clear a symbol of plenty as there is, with the inference of plentiful continuity on top of it! One example is the Navonna Outdoor Water Fountain under the featured section. The bubbling and four spouts is beautiful in sight and sound.

There are many possible substitutes for the “urn” in urn water fountains. The best-selling Chambers Outdoor Water Fountain with Quatrefoil Basin, for example, is a chalice sitting on top of a pedestal within a quatrefoil basin. The large plentiful chalice can be used to hold many things besides the plants as shown in the example.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Urn water fountains are also space savers that will look right at home in many settings which make this a great garden water feature.

Urn Outdoor Fountains

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Navonna Outdoor Water Fountain

Large Outdoor Fountains

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Anfora Garden Water Fountain

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Scallop Urn Outdoor Fountain with Quatrefoil Basin
Scallop Urn Outdoor Fountain with Quatrefoil Basin

Urn Outdoor Fountains

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Mall Cast Stone Fountain with Granite Benches

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$ 3,882.99