Tiered Outdoor Fountains

 Outdoor Tiered Fountains

Outdoor tiered fountains are the most popular and recognizable garden fountain design. The simple concept of two-tier and three-tier water fountain can be executed in many ways and sizes. This is an important point because by virtue of these distinctive outdoor fountains they tend to stand out and there is always a good balance to strike between attention grabbing and blending into the surroundings. Take a look at these selections and one or more of them will jump out at you as just perfect for what you have in mind.

There’s nothing like a three tier fountain for those who have a thing for the sound of water. There’s a wide range of relaxing water sound too from the multiple levels of flow. All of this has given rise to popular mantras like tiered water fountain keeps the psychiatrist away, as easy as one-two-three but as calm as three-two-one, and more. But let’s keep to the task at hand, which is to pick out the perfect outdoor water feature.


Varieties and Subtleties of Outdoor Tiered Fountains

For those whose need is a large outdoor fountain, you are not alone. Among the best-sellers is the Estate Longvue Outdoor Water Fountain. This large 3-tier outdoor fountain has a finial at the top that lets water out into the top-most bowl which would inevitably spill into the lower bowls and finally into a grand circular pool close to 9-foot wide. Can you imagine the grandeur that this water feature would add to a garden or any wide open spaces?

For more modern fountains, there are also the Double Oblique with Ball Water Fountain and the Double Obtuse Garden Water Fountain. The hard edges of the Double Oblique fountain are great for placements adjacent to a building and will look awesome with lots of natural sunlight or artificial lighting. The Double Obtuse fountain blends in so well that your visitors could easily miss it, and when they finally noticed it? It’s like a moment of truth when they become awestruck as they marvel at this modern fountain’s sophistication.

What’s not to be missed here is the plethora of tabletop and small outdoor fountain ideas. Take a peek at the Eternity Tiered Stone Tabletop Fountain and the Old Fashion Pump Barrel Fountain. Certainly not your typical outdoor tiered fountains, they simply give you the license to be as creative as you like.

Top-Selling Tiered Outdoor Fountains

The Carrera Tiered Garden Water Fountain (28.25”W x 25.25”H)  is designed with 3 perfectly round tiered bowls with a round base. There are two copper spills on the top two bowls that give it a sleek look and soothing sound of a waterfall. This is an affordable, yet beautiful cast stone fountain.

The Vesuvio Outdoor Fountain with Lion Pedestals (60”W x 103”H) is an absolute masterpiece. This fountain is designed with two tiers placed in a large bowl that sit atop 4 large lion statue pedestals. The details are immaculate, and this fountain will surely be the focal point wherever it is placed.

The Italian 4-Tier Outdoor Fountain (50”W x 79”H) features ornate details on each pedestal and bowl. With it’s 4 tiers and height of 79”, it would surely compliment any large entryway or courtyard. This fountain is made of durable cast stone and is available in 47 finishes.

The Gran Vista Fountain with Fiore Pond (99.5”W x 99”H) has details in all the right places while still holding a simplistic appearance. It features two tiers and then is placed inside the Fiore Pond, which, is over 8’W but has an easy setup design.

The 3 Tier Cavalli Fountain with 12 Foot Bracci Basin (144”W x 129.5”H) is nothing short of impressive. This fountain features carved horse statues on all three tiers as well a leaf design on each bowl that creates a rain-like spill as it cascades to the spectacular 12 Foot Bracci Basin. This fountain can also be purchased in a 16 Foot Bracci Basin.

Tiered Outdoor Fountains

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