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Statue outdoor fountains make use of the elements of life to lift the intangible functions of decorative water fountains beyond relaxing effect to include inspirational feelings of pathos and good humor. This is the most profound aspect in the art of fountain-making, but only if it’s done right in the first place and matched to a receptive environment. Take a look at our collection of statue fountains that make great garden water fountains and you’ll recognize the ones matched to you.

This is not something that can be put into words. If you click on “More Info” and inspect the larger pictures, your match is bound to jump out and let you know: That’s the one! Experience helps too, so don’t hesitate to contact us for expert recommendations regarding this topic. With fountains featuring magnificent sculptures, it's even more crucial to know how to find the best spot for your fountain


People Outdoor Fountains are the Real Deal

The assortment of people outdoor fountains at Outdoor Fountain Pros can be grouped into large fountain design featuring sculptures of women, children, or men which include the Buddha. Among the women people outdoor fountains are various portrayals of the ever popular Rebecca at the well, a powerful symbol of feminism. The sensuous ones are Three Graces Outdoor Water Fountain with Octagon Bowl, Adella Outdoor Water Fountain, and Lorelei in Valencia Fountain. You do not want to miss Three Graces represented as a celebration of feminine beauty and grace, Lorelei the water spirit striking a pose above water, or Adella the noble taking a deliberate bath with the world as her audience.

An absolute standout among the men people outdoor fountains is the Forty-Niner Garden Water Fountain. A rugged Forty Niner from the California Gold Rush days is hard at work sieving the water for gold in an unfathomable manner – practiced, eager, disappointed, nonchalant, or are they all the same thing?

And we haven’t even discussed the children people outdoor fountains yet. They are interesting beyond belief. Check out the adorable little boy and girl intertwined together under an umbrella in the April Showers Fountain. The 3 Water Nymphs Outdoor Water Fountain features three nymphs in the forms of three brazen little girls in cheeky and assured poses. Moving down the list, nobody will be able to suppress a smile looking at the humorous boy’s expression in Boy and Girl Drinking Water Fountain with Lights.

Well, what do you think? Hopefully we have piqued your interest, for we are eager to hear from you about your thoughts on these statue outdoor fountains.

Top Selling Outdoor People Fountains

The Rebecca At Well Fountain in Petal Bowl (76”H x 48”W)  features a large statue of a beautiful woman in a Roman-inspired dress. She holds an urn on her shoulder and an urn at her side where water flows gently down to the petal shaped bowl.

The April Showers Tiered Garden Fountain (73" H x 48" D) is both stunning and mesmerizing due to the fine details of this fountain. It features a boy, a girl and a small dog taking shelter under an umbrella. It is shown in a beautiful white ivory gray finish, but there are 24 other finishes available.

The Buddha Head Water Fountain (40”H x 32”W) is the essence of Zen and tranquility. The fountain features an intricately designed Buddha head where the water falls down the Buddha’s face from the top of the head. It is centered in a modern glass fiber-reinforced concrete square basin, and comes in the most extraordinary color choices.

The Rosalie Fountain ( 67"H x 35"W x 30"D) is refined yet ornate and perfectly captures the demure grace of a lady. This fountain features a delicate sculpture of a maiden standing on top of a short pedestal graces the Rosalie Fountain.

The Sweetheart 2-Tier Garden Water Fountain ( 57"H x 44"W x 15.25"D (base))  is a gorgeous fountain featuring a charming boy and girl taking shelter under an umbrella, and a delightful display of water in motion

People Outdoor Fountains

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