Wall Outdoor Fountains

 Outdoor Wall Fountains

Outdoor wall fountains can improve the look and feel of your garden. You can also place them on your patio or near the sitting area. The constant movement of water will bring calmness into your life and make the time you spend in your garden even more special.

It doesn't matter if your garden is small because you can always find enough space for an outdoor wall water feature. The fountain will become a central component of the landscape so choosing the right design is quite important. Do your best to follow the general style of your garden and pick the fountain that speaks to you. From modern to classic, we can help you choose the right wall fountain.


Where to place your fountain

These outdoor fountains are very useful because you can place them almost everywhere. They work well with both small and large gardens as long as you have a clear idea of the landscape design. We have a couple of placement tips that might help you out:

Make it visible

If your outdoor feature will be the main decorative piece in your garden, make sure you place it in a visible space. The nearby objects shouldn’t obscure your fountain. You can plant vegetation around it, or leave it as it is.  Sometimes you might have to make it a corner fountain if your backyard doesn't permit it.

Solid support

Water features should be placed on a firm wall that can support the weight of this structure. Yes, some wall-mounted fountains might be a bit too heavy for your fence so you have to find a light model that can be mounted on it.

Choosing the right model

Modern fountains: They are simple, clean, and very elegant. However, modern water fountains are often seen inside homes. You can try something different and place them on the patio or near your sitting area. It will work beautifully in that setting and will prove to be a wonderful water feature as well. We have several modern wall water features for your outdoor living space that will surely be exactly what you are looking for. 

Traditional fountains: These are definitely suitable for gardens and outdoor areas. Traditional units are usually made of stone and they add a touch of class regardless of the placement. They come with beautifully decorated basins that will attract birds.

Animal fountains: These units are decorated by various depictions of different animals. They are definitely more traditional looking but with a slight twist. Animal water features mimic some of the larger fountains located in Europe and they will bring your garden to a whole new level of elegance.


These fountains are not particularly different so the same maintenance rules can be applied here. Always check the water levels because the shortage of water might damage the pump. Once you decide to clean the accumulated dirt and dry leaves, empty out the fountain and remove the pump first. Clean it well, and then move on to tubes and distribution unit. There will usually be some sort of a build-up inside and you'll notice that the fountain will work better after this step. Take care of the outside of the unit as well by dusting it off. Your water feature will work perfectly again in no time!


Top Selling Wall Fountains

The Long Beach Wall Outdoor Fountain (66″L x 26.5"W x 48"H) is the face of modern outdoor décor with it’s perfectly smooth rectangular shape and simplistic 3 spill design. This fountain is made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, which means it will last a lifetime, but weighs in at only 290 lbs. A contemporary design and quality at its finest, this fountain will not disappoint.

The Andalusia Outdoor Wall Water Fountain (56.25" L x 30" W x 55.5" H) is not only classic and built to last, but features a Spanish flare that will provide sophistication and beauty to your garden, courtyard, or entryway. It features a large basin with a uniquely curved design top that entails a spout pouring into a bowl before falling into the basin.

The LaMura Four Seasons Wall Fountain (66"W x 28"D x 72"H) is an astounding 72” tall flat wall fountain with elegant water streams that fall from a single spout to two bowls with their own individual spills, then finally to the rectangular basin. This fountain will sound as if you have your very own magical waterfall right in your backyard. The 25 finish options are equally stunning and provide rich color to each detail of the fountain.

The St. Aubin Wall Outdoor Water Fountain (40" L x 22" W x 41" H) is a truly magnificent piece of modern art. A classic design, the St. Aubin Wall Outdoor Water Fountain features a floral spigot. The St. Aubin Wall Outdoor Water Fountain is perfect for sprucing up an entire outdoor setting. Crafted from durable cast stone, the fountain is built to last.

The Provincial Cast Stone Wall Fountain (48"W x 30"D x 53.50"H) features a spout that pours into a bowl with 7 spills that trickle down to the basin, making this the perfect fountain for drowning out unwanted noise. The semi-circle basin can be made simple without a decorative design, or it can have the intricate leaf details across the bottom. Available in 47 finishes, the possibilities are endless for creating your ideal wall water feature.

Wall Outdoor Fountains

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Umbra Wall Outdoor Water Fountain for Spout

Wall Outdoor Fountains

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