Outdoor Fountains with Pools

 Outdoor Fountains with a Pool

You will find under this category of outdoor fountains with pool a great selection of the best fountains that collect in a basin, complete with something to fit every budget, taste, and garden.  While all water fountains come with some sort of water basin or receptacle, these fountains all feature an above-ground pool or pond for a good reason – every famous water fountain in the world features a pool or a pond.


Attractions of Outdoor Fountains with Pool

Nowadays, a water fountain at home is mostly for decorative purposes.  A garden with a fountain adds a certain charm to the entire property. While the sound of a fountain, whether trickling or slightly rushing, can be quite relaxing and soothing, a whole other level of tranquility lies in the sight of a serene surface of water in a basin under the fountain. The sight and sound of an outdoor fountain design with pond are in a class of its own, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a finer collection of outdoor fountains with basin anywhere than right here at Outdoor Fountain Pros, the water fountain store.

Choices and More Choices

Have a look yourself. Shopping for a home water fountain is fun and often comes down to personal preferences. In this category you can find the ever popular tiered water fountains, various wall fountains including the Andalusia fountain, urn water fountains including the amphora fountain, impressive lifelike outdoor water fountain statues, fountains inspired by old world garden fountain design ideas, and many other interesting varieties.

Let us bring your attention to our featured large outdoor fountains, for example the Cavalli Fountain with Fiore Pond. Magnificent as a whole, but it’s the detailed horses that are absolutely breath taking. Or, do you want a fountain that is more simple, yet elegant?  How about the best-selling Caterina Outdoor Water Fountain made by Campania International? This fountain would make a beautiful additional to any driveway or courtyard.

Many of the water fountains at Outdoor Fountain Pros are proudly made in the USA. Each of them is painstakingly finished in specifics and a range of color options tailored to resemble natural aging. Our fountains are designed for great fit and straightforward assembly, and detailed installation instruction is included with every order. Take advantage of free shipping on all orders of outdoor fountains with pool now!

Top-Selling Outdoor Fountains With Pools

The Caterina Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin (82”L x 82”W x 55”H) attracts those looking for a traditional tiered fountain with a pool, but don’t want it to be overpowering. This two-tiered fountain has simple, yet luxuriously sculpted features from top to bottom.

The Cavalli Outdoor Fountain with Fiore Pond (99.5”L x 99.5”W x 86”H)  is an incredibly well-designed tiered fountain featuring intricately carved stone horse and bowls. The Fiore Pond is over 8’ wide but has a uniquely simple setup so you can get the elegance of a large fountain without the extensive installation.

The Navonna Outdoor Water Fountain (56.5" L x 56.5" W x 39" H) is anything but ordinary. It combines many of the features people desire in a fountain – a quatrefoil basin, large urn, and it has 4 spigots with long spills that flow down to the pool. With The Navonna’s elegance and medium size, it’s one that would look impressive in any driveway, backyard, or even placed in a commercial area.  

The Pioggia Tiered Fountain with 55” Basin (55”L x 55”W x 65”H) has two tiers featuring grooves all around the bowls, which creates a smooth curtain of falling water down to the 55” pool. With 47 color finishes available and its durable cast stone structure, it’s no wonder it is a top-selling fountain!

The Courtyard Lion Fountain in Quatrefoil Basin (62”W x 62”L x 66”H) will bring your garden to life with its ornately sculpted lion heads and water coming out of their mouths on all 3 tiers. This fountain’s traditional style and size make it a stunning option for nearly any setting.

The Luberon Estate Outdoor Fountain (84.5”W x 74.25”H) steps out of the traditional round basin and tiers, and offers a large square basin with a tall four-sided column. The Luberon Estate fountain comes in 12 color finishes and is made of durable cast stone concrete.

Outdoor Fountains with Pools

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