Modern Outdoor Fountains

 Modern Outdoor Fountains

Feast your eyes on these modern outdoor fountains. This is the category not just for those who are inspired by trend-setting but also for everyone who finds the tried and true formula boring and wishes to explore what’s possible out there. Well, as you can see here, the possibilities are almost endless, for this is contemporary art. All our our moderns fountains are made of cast stone concrete or glass fiber reinforced concrete so you can expect your new fountain to last a lifetime! Take your time and enjoy every unique presentation on contemporary garden water features here.


The Many Possibilities of Modern Outdoor Fountains

Are you having fun yet? Modern art has a reputation for being hard to understand, but this is not the case here. There will be nothing like Kurt Vonnegut making fun of modern art in The Breakfast of Champions, everything you see here will be unmistakably water feature products. At the very least one can always see and hear the water and know that this is such a soulful addition to a garden.

Take for examples, under featured product, the imposing Ball and Bowl Outdoor Water Fountain and the smaller and more affordable Falls Garden Water Fountain. The latter is a new interpretation on the popular outdoor wall fountain, except the indestructible glass fiber reinforced concrete was cast as if the water fountain at home has been around since medieval times – it’s going to fool even the experts who research ancestry lineage which has become rather popular lately.

The large ball and bowl fountain, made by Gist, is a large outdoor water fountain with a 6-foot diameter and that weighs over 1000 pounds, but it also looks astoundingly real and ancient and calming. It looks very simple to put together as well. No one will be thinking that though, for they’d be marveling at the simplicity, and then the proud owner of the fountain can say to them, this is the essence of modern art!

Contemporary outdoor fountains are not all made for outdoor purposes. Make sure to check out the ones that are designed for the interior of the house or apartment (we have a website called, and also those that would work great on the deck or patio. For apartment dwellers, it’s now possible to bring a garden with fountain into the living room, and quite affordably and stylishly, too. 

If you’re of the opinion that one or two modern art pieces are never enough, check out the many options for small garden fountain design here. We have a ray of fountains that are small and economical, yet the sophistication they add to the environments is priceless.

Top Selling Modern Outdoor Fountains

The Del Rey Cast Stone Fountain (48”W x 26”H) provides perfect simplicity in its structure, yet this tiered bowl fountain is unmatched in its smooth design. The four copper spills create the magical flow of water to melt away any worries or stress.

The Vortex with Ball Fountain (42"L x 42"W x 65”H) has the perfect modern shapes to complete any contemporary outdoor living space. With it’s hexagonal base, perfectly round sphere, and tornado-like center, this fountain iwill provide an aesthetically pleasing sight along with the trickling sounds of water.  

The X3 Outdoor Wall Fountain (36" L x 16.5" W x 32" H) will not only create a sleek and stunning view in your garden, but will provide a soothing and audible waterfall sound with its three spilling spouts. It’s 12 finishes, perfect size, and affordability makes this fountain a reality for anyone wanting to add the relaxing sounds of water to their home.

The Falling Water II Garden Fountain (30”W x 20.25”D x 26.5”H) is the definition of bold and modern with its single large spill and intense rectangular shape. This is a perfect fountain for drowning out unwanted noise and to give you the peaceful backyard you’ve always dreamed of.

The Double Obtuse Garden Fountain (32”L x 32”W x 42”H) is made from highly durable glass fiber reinforced concrete and comes in over 40 intricately hand-applied finishes. It’s triple square design will match any modern oasis you choose to create.

Modern Outdoor Fountains

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