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Gist Products is a diversified manufacturer of fountains, statuary, decorative planters, metalwork products, outdoor furniture and grills made of industrial-grade glass fiber-reinforced concrete, glass-reinforced gypsum, fiberglass plastic, metals, and other materials. As far as water fountains are concerned, their style is modern and distinctive with immaculate cuts, fits, and finishes.

Purveyors of modern art and those whose preference runs toward audacious, distinctive styling will feel right at home with this brand of modern outdoor fountains. The artists at this manufacture are known to have a penchant for creating designs with bold strokes and a stylish flair. It’s a very good thing that the technological competency of its factory in Phoenix, Arizona, is up to the task, likewise the skills of the craftsmen who put the finishing touches on these products. Gist is also well-known for their spectacular sphere fountains.


Every single design in this collection of fountains is capable of eliciting a sort of emotional response in us. The emotional scale spans the gamut from refreshing to delightful, exciting, inspirational, and to outrageous, sometimes even poignant, but never mundane. Despite the oft-mentioned contemporary undertone, you’ll be surprised to find that these water features do not require modern and uncluttered spaces to work their magic. In fact, some of them, such as the Daccapo and the Tagai Garden Fountain, work especially well in a slightly haphazard yard of deliberate neglect.

The whimsical designs in the collection include the Sussex Wall Outdoor Water Fountain, and the Four Tier Rock Waterfall Fountain. The clean-cut designs of note are the rejuvenating Double Oblique Outdoor Fountain, and the Linear Outdoor Fountain. And just wait till you see the Ball & Bowl – it’s a behemoth at 6-foot diameter and over 1300 pounds, but that’s nothing compared to the transcending tranquility that this restrained perfect sphere can bring to your outdoor space. Amazing stuff!

The other highlights of this collection are the ever popular urn water fountains and the ones featuring the Buddha head that are all the rage in select communities. Gist also has intricately detailed people outdoor fountains, such as the Lady Garden Fountain. There is a vast variety with Gist Fountains. You can check out the Amphora, the Large Vase with Wok, and the Buddha Wall. These zen fountains are a wonderful way to create peace in your outdoor living space. 


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