Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains

Adding a garden fountain to the landscape will refresh the surrounding nature and make your garden feel serene and calming. It will also bring more life to your outdoor space and create a welcoming atmosphere for your friends and family.

They are beautiful decorative pieces that will last for years and you can choose from a large number of different styles and designs. It doesn’t matter if you have a small garden or plenty of space to work with – an outdoor fountain can be placed anywhere. So find the one that will go with the overall theme of your landscape and make it a focal point that will draw attention from everyone.


Modern Outdoor Water Features

There are a couple of things you have to go over before you purchase a garden outdoor feature. The most important ones are how much space you have available and where you plan to install the fountain. Also, cast stone fountains are made of fiber reinforced concrete, so make sure to prepare for heavy components. So when you make your decision, it is time to see the most popular types of outdoor garden fountains:

Wall fountain: This is a perfect solution for anyone who is dealing with a lack of space. Wall fountain is small and convenient. All you need is a wall and a tiny bit of room. They can also be mounted on your fence which is an excellent option for anyone who is trying to create a small landscape in their garden. Outdoor wall fountains generally follow the same classical design, but there are a couple of modern options as well.

Tiered fountain: Tiered fountains are without a doubt the most popular option out there. They can fit any garden and make it appear very elegant. They usually have two or three tiers and the constant water flow will create a calming atmosphere. Birds adore tiered fountains so you can expect them as soon as you place it in your garden.

Urn fountain: Urn fountains are compact and will look amazing in a natural setting. They are a very unusual option that will add an air of sophistication to your garden. This fountain resembles a bowl and it should be placed low to the ground, slightly lifted up in order to be noticed, or on your patio area.

Things you should know about garden outdoor fountains

Garden outdoor features are easy to maintain, especially if you place them properly. They will work for years if you take a good care of them. So here are a couple of quick tips that should help you out along the way:

Aim for an open space: Maintenance will be a lot easier if there are no trees right above your fountain. Dried leaves and pollen can accumulate in the basin, so cleaning will be lengthy. Find an open space which is not surrounded by trees.

Sunlight: Your fountain should be located in a sunny area of your garden. It doesn’t have to be exposed to sunlight all the time, but a tiny bit of warmth is always welcome.

Filter: Filter and pump are the most important components of your fountain. It will not work properly if they are damaged or clogged. So make sure you clean both of them regularly.

Garden Fountains

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