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 Zen Water Fountains

Every civilization in the world has its unique contribution to the art of water fountains, and here we bring to you Asian Water Fountains with accents from the continent of Asia. The major themes here are bamboo outdoor water fountain, Buddha outdoor fountain, and new age indoor Zen water fountain.

Aren’t the Buddha and Zen one and the same? Not exactly, Zen is only one school out of many schools of Buddhism. The Buddha is universal but nowadays so is Zen, which has been popularized and extended to everything calming to the nerves. Yoga music can be Zen and so is yoga itself. By the same token, one can perhaps even say that all water fountains are Zen.


Types of Zen Water Features

What is a Zen water fountain? Have a look here. You will find that it can extend to many things. Rest assured that the affordable Bamboo Cast Stone Garden Fountain is not the name of a Chinese restaurant. The textured surface depicts concentric shoots of bamboo and the bamboo is as synonymous with China as the Panda bear. The Geisha Girl Garden Water Fountain is as much a spectacular statement of art as the famous geisha of the Far East. The Lantern Garden Water Fountain simply exudes the aura of Zen and therefore is included here.

The star of Asian fountain is undoubtedly the Buddha. The head of the Buddha is as recognizable as any human head in the world.  The Buddha Outdoor Water Fountain is a large Buddha head on a 6-foot long basin of water. There are blocks on the basin designed to hold candles for illumination in the dark. Just picture this and you can just imagine how conducive it is for a person to achieve enlightenment like the Buddha in such a setting.

Something perfect for a flower garden is the Buddha Wall Garden Water Fountain. The Buddha is on top of his famous seat of lotus flower and not only that, there are beautifully carved lotus flowers and leaves surrounding the blessed head. Having this Asian water fountain in your garden is worth a lifetime of flashing the peace sign.

If you’d rather have more than just the head of Buddha, we’ve got you covered too. There are a few selections of water fountains with lights in the Buddha’s hands that are built to impress. There’s more. You simply must take your time in browsing these very interesting Asian water fountains.

Zen Outdoor Fountains

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Ball And Wok Outdoor Water Fountain

Garden Outdoor Fountains

$ 2,368.00
Buddha Wall Garden Water Fountain

Garden Outdoor Fountains

$ 1,937.00
Buddha Head Water Fountain

Garden Outdoor Fountains

$ 2,116.00
Buddha Head Outdoor Fountain - Large

Large Outdoor Fountains

$ 2,684.00
Small Wok With Pedestal Garden Water Fountain

Garden Outdoor Fountain

$ 1,417.00