5 Refreshing Outdoor Water Features

If you want to spruce up the appearance of your garden, then why not consider adding a water feature? With hundreds of ideas to choose from, we guarantee that you will find exactly what you are looking for. Get inspired by these refreshing outdoor water features. You have our word that they’ll definitely make a splash!

Stone Courtyard Cascade Wall Garden Water Fountain

 Stone Courtyard Cascade Wall Garden Water Fountain

Hearty and beautiful, this fountain is crafted from exquisite cast stone. Measuring 38” in height, the fountain boasts three sparkling tiers of cascading water. The tranquil sound of trickling water that it produces is perfect for creating a calming and relaxing environment. Designed to serve as an accent piece, the Stone Courtyard Cascade Wall Garden Water Fountain will enhance any outdoor setting.

Cornucopia Garden Water Fountain


The Cornucopia Garden Water Fountain features an enchanting sculpture of a young child holding up a flower like tier by its “stem”. Water enchantingly flows from the top tier into the scalloped shaped, pedestal basin. The gentle and soothing sounds of the falling water will instantly put the minds and souls of those who hear it at ease. This fountain is ideal for those who need a charming and sophisticated centerpiece for their garden.

Bamboo Pot Water Fountain

The Bamboo Pot Water Fountain features an unassuming and simple design that is designed to enrich and amplify the natural fluidity and beauty of flowing water. Available in a wide variety of different finishes, the water of the fountain bubbles up from the middle and cascades over bamboo-like shoots placed in a radial pattern in the fountain’s center. The Asian inspired design of this fountain is perfect for small gardens or outdoor areas where space is at a premium.

Trunk Garden Water Fountain

Just like the name indicates, the Trunk Garden Water Fountain features textured tree like trunk as its centerpiece. From the center of the fountain, water bubbles upward and over the edges where it is collected into a large, round base. Because it is crafted from materials that mimic natural wood, it will blend seamlessly with your favorite shrubbery and blooms in your garden. To ensure its durability, this fountain is made from glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Falls Garden Water Fountain


The Falls Garden Water Fountain features a minimalistic, modern design that will make an excellent centerpiece for your patio or courtyard. Sheets of water cascade over the top of the fountain and down its smooth center walls before flowing over a second tier and collecting in the fountain’s pocket basin. This unique outdoor fountain is available in a wide variety of finishes, is crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete, and is guaranteed to create a relaxing atmosphere.


How to Winterize Your Outdoor Fountain

Outdoor fountains are a stellar way to level up the design and landscaping of your outdoor property. They add visual appeal, tranquility, and an overall atmosphere that nothing else can achieve. They’re also pretty pricey, although worth the investment. But if you’re going to invest the cash into your yard, then you should also fork up the time it takes to maintain the fountain. Winterizing an outdoor water feature, especially in locations that experience drastic seasonal changes, is very important to the lifespan and functioning of your outdoor water fountain. If you don’t’ winterize your fountain, then leftover water and residue will freeze and expand during the cold weather and possibly destroy your fountain. But how do you do this, you ask? Just follow these simple steps.

1) Drain
Get ahead of the seasons and drain the water completely from your fountain before frost sets in. Make sure to remove any excess water from the fountain as well as the pipes, hoses, pumps, and motors. This can make quite a mess so have a bucket or wash bin handy.

2) Take Apart
Disassemble the fountain as much as you can. Taking the whole display apart ensures that as much water has been drained as possible and allows you to clean hidden areas that you may not have noticed beforehand. Taking apart the fountain pieces lets you properly clean, wrap, and store the unit.

3) Clean
Wash all surfaces of the fountain with warm water to remove any dirt, algae, or bacteria that may have built up over the year. Focus on the pump and motor mechanisms especially, these will have to be thoroughly cleaned and then stored away for the winter.

4) Wrap
Once you’ve drained and cleaned your fountain now it’s time to dry it. Make sure any excess water has been wiped away and then proceed the wrapping process. Start with a layer of burlap. This will whisk away most water during the winter. Then, wrap another layer of landscape fabric or an actual fountain tarp. These are made from waterproof materials and will protect your fountain.

5) Maintenance
Now that your fountain has been winterized, use this time to fox or replace any parts such as the motor, pump, hoses, or display features. During the winter months, these pieces often go on sale and you can stock up for the coming year.

Winterizing your outdoor fountain is just one step to take in the care and maintenance of your investment. And if you’re looking to add more water displays to your landscaping then check out some of these gorgeous outdoor fountains that you can order online! OutdoorFountainPros has the best selection and quality of outdoor fountains on the web.

The 7 Most Common Types of Outdoor Fountains

When choosing an outdoor fountain for your home, one of the most important steps is deciding on the type of fountain you would like to have. A quick Internet search will show you that there are thousands of different options to choose from. Outdoor water fountains come in a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and designs, but the majority of these will fall into one of seven broad categories.

Here is a quick look at the 7 most common types of outdoor fountains:

  1. Bubbling Fountains – Most fountains shoot water straight up into the air, but a bubbling fountain allows the water to “bubble over” from a central tube instead. This type of fountain is especially popular among people who would like for their outdoor space to offer a sense of tranquility and relaxation.
  2. Bronze Fountains – The term “bronze fountain” is a catchall term describing any fountain that is crafted from metal. Even if the fountain is not made from actual bronze, it will more than likely feature a bronze patina. Bronze fountains commonly feature statues and depict figures or mythical creatures.
  3. Pedestal Fountains – Just like the name indicates, pedestal fountains feature a pedestal design, which may be either simple or elaborate.
  4. Wall Fountains Rather than serving as a standalone piece, these fountains are designed to adhere to the side of your home or a fence. They are perfect for maximizing the square footage in your backyard or garden and are available in a wide range of designs.
  5. Statue Fountains Statue fountains tend to feature intricate, detailed, and artistic carvings. Although subject matter does vary, human figures are the most popular depictions. Statute fountains are ideal for individuals who are looking for a fountain that can serve as the focal point of their backyard or garden. These are generally made from stone; although, they can be made from other materials.
  6. Animal Fountains These fountains feature animals at their subject matter. In the most common designs, water will spill or shoot from the animal’s mouth, but different variations can be found.  Animal outdoor water features is a fun way to include nature in your backyard.
  7. Rock Fountains – With this type of fountain, water is pumped through porous rocks – rather than being pumped upward. This creates a trickle of water that is often described as relaxing and soothing. Rock fountains are usually made of natural stone.

In addition to these most common options, outdoor fountains are also available in myriad of other forms and shapes. For example, urn fountains have increased in popularity in recent years. This type of fountain features an oversized basin with multiple, tiered fountains at varying levels. They work well in spaces with a lot of room.

Regardless of what type of fountain you are searching for, make sure to check out what Outdoor Fountain Pros has to offer. We guarantee you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

5 Brilliant Ways to Decorate a Small Garden

For many homeowners, a garden is a must. A little patch of green over the backyard, or a modest row of potted plants is enough to sprinkle some joy and color in your home. While big gardens are always desired for—there's great potential for an impressive landscape and even a pool—one can always make good use of what they have. If you have a limited space but have always wanted a garden, don't worry! We've got 5 amazing decorative ideas to help you create that beautiful little paradise, even with a small land area.

  1. Pretty little patio. A small patio can create an intimate outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. To do this, transform that empty corner to a fine dining area with the help of a rustic furniture set. Decorate the corner with potted plants and a little shelf containing your favorite magazines and little artifacts. Light it up by spreading little lanterns all across, creating a subtle, romantic mood. This is perfect for those unexpected dates with your partner, or a little barbecue afternoon with the kids.
  2. Go for the glass. Want a fountain but hate the bulk? Panels of glass outdoor fountains gives you the same therapeutic feeling as the extravagant, cast stone installations. The only difference is it makes best use of the limited corner. A single panel of a clear glass fountain creates an illusion of a bigger space; perch it among your favorite ferns or your tall bamboos for that complete Oriental ambiance. Choose ones with LED lights to charm your guests during an evening stay; they'll find your garden truly impressive.
  3. Lounge lane. Got an old couch? You might want to create your own private lounge with your bite-sized paradise. Complete the look with a matching table. Set it with flowers fresh from your pickings, and enjoy your free time reading a book or making art. Decorate the area with aromatic candles which you can light up at night. The scent of these candles and the quiet ambiance creates a whimsical feeling for those relaxing nights.
  4. How about a hammock? Create an unexpected, playful space by installing a hammock to your little garden. The kids will love this! It's a summer-perfect setting that brings you back to those beach days. Enjoy the sun and the scene as you swing through your comfy hanging bed—complete the day with your favorite smoothie and your beloved book.
  5. Deck the floors. Elevate your garden, literally, with the help of wooden decks. An outdoor dining furniture completes the visuals. Embellish it with rows of potted succulents, or a shelf featuring your favorite ferns. Cover the space with a large fabric for a bohemian look. Accentuate it with strings of lightbulbs that creates a star-lit effect during the evening.

Space is never the question when it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor garden. As a prime rule, make use of what you have, and allow your creativity to take reigns. Surprise yourself by exploring the possibilities in that empty area; with the right inspiration and vision, you can come up with something extraordinarily magnificent.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Fountain All-Year Round

Outdoor fountain owners know this struggle. Yes, owning a water installation has many benefits, including upping the charm of your property, but not until you remember that you have to maintain it. Don't worry; keeping outdoor fountains beautiful is not so difficult, as long as you know the basics. In this post, we’re sharing how you can preserve your installation’s beauty in every season—with the proper tools and methods and of course, a bit of your time and effort.
  • The daily dues. You want to check the water level of your outdoor fountain pump to make sure it's not dried up. Regularly drain and refill your pump to prevent stagnant, dirty water.
  • The weekly wipe. Prevent dust accumulation by consistently wiping the bowl of your fountain with a special, non-abrasive cloth. This alleviates the danger of clogs and build-up later on.
  • The monthly makeover. Wiping is not enough; you need to clean your outdoor fountain every one to three months. What you need to do: check the fountain's manual for its cleaning method. The most common outdoor fountains only require the emptying of the bowl, paired with the lightly scrubbing on the surface. Use a toothbrush and an appropriate detergent that suits the material. If there are any mold and calcium deposits, use filtered water mixed with a cleaning solution. This will help keeping those unwanted bacteria away. Other than being unsightly, these build-ups are also health hazards. Keep your family safe by making sure your fountain is always in its good condition.

Outdoor Fountain Tips Per Season

Winter Care

During the freezing months, your outdoor fountain faces the most dangerous of all weather conditions.  That is why winterizing your fountain is extremely important. First things first: remove the plug and drain it. If your fountain is small and portable, store it in a safe area to prevent cracking--especially for those made of marble and ceramics. Store it with a thick, non-abrasive cloth throughout the season as a shield from the drafty climate. For larger installations, make sure that it is completely dried up. Remove the debris and cover the fountain with a thick, water resistant cover.

Spring Swing

It's time to put that outdoor fountain back into view! Clean the debris and build-up; use a hose to strike that unwanted dirt away. At best, wash it with soap and solution to bring back its old shine. After drying, it's time to fill the fountain with distilled water. Add chlorine or treated enzymes to prevent algae and build-up. Put the pump back in, plug and watch your fountain welcome the new season with flair!

Summer Sizzle

The hot, sweltering weather may cause the water in your pump to easily evaporate. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on the fountain’s water level to prevent any damages. Check it every other day and add a few measures at a time to keep the water flowing smoothly.

Austere Autumn

Fallen leaves and other debris may cause some damage to your outdoor fountain, and you’d want to prevent that. At best, trim the foliage surrounding the fountain. You should also check the bowl for deposits which may thrive during the season. Drain and replace the water more frequently.

The Healing Benefits of an Outdoor Fountain

Outdoor fountains are water-driven features often used for decor. However, did you know that they offer more than just adding cosmetic value to a property. Many researches have revealed that these installations can be a source for a person's inner healing. We're talking about its soothing effect from stress, anxiety and tension. If you're looking to purchase an outdoor fountain for your home or commercial area; you're making the right choice! Here are some ways an outdoor fountain can relieve you from stress and ultimately, making you feel better, stronger and healthier.

Make way for positivity

There's a scientific explanation why taking a shower rejuvenates your mind and body. Other the feeling of cleansing, the sensation of water cools you down and washes away the tensed ions from your body. This results to a feeling of calm after a bath. The same reaction is similar to walking nearby rivers, streams and lakes. Water has a profound healing effect; the sight of the calm tides, the ripples it makes, and the bright blue green hue reflecting under the sky lures us back to concentration, immediately removing our notions of stress and worry. This is the reason why many people choose to be at the lake or by the sea whenever they want to rest.

But going out of our way to head towards our favorite water park can be a hassle. This is why having an outdoor fountain can be the next best thing in inviting positivity. The therapeutic benefit of fountains is backed by experts that hospitals and medical facilities even use this to help their patients recover faster.

Healing is from the inside out

Back in 1995, a nonprofit organization called Center for Health Design has asked a group of landscape designers and architects to observe how properly landscaped hospital gardens can be a factor for recovery. Researchers have interviewed two thousand users and have concluded a pattern among the patients. It has been revealed that patients visit hospital gardens for hours, seeking relaxation from both physical and mental fatigue. Among the best factors: the soothing sounds and sights from the water splashing from the garden outdoor fountains, intermixed with the panorama of full-blown trees and flowering plants. The healing power of nature has become one of the best forces behind a patient's recovery.

Serenity is key to recovery

Experts attest that patients who have view of beautiful, natural landscapes are the ones who recover faster. They are mentally and emotionally fit, struggles less with medication and therapy, and has a more positive outlook. Water features such as an outdoor fountain offer exciting means to enjoy this small piece of nature-inspired environment. Patients, especially the young ones, can lounge around the area, play with the water and use their imagination to trigger a sense of inner joy.

Outdoor fountains are investments that offer great rewards. Use these water features to welcome a spirit of calm and positivity in your home. A few minutes outdoors, reading your favorite book while listening to the sound of the splashing water, can help you detoxify from many of this life’s tensions and bring back the focus you need.