10 Ideas to Get Your Yard Summer Ready

Summer is here, but are you ready? Better yet, is your yard ready? We’re all eager to get outside and start enjoying that long awaited sunshine and fresh Summer air. But if you’re backyard looks like the leftovers of Winter then you’ve got some work to do. Here are some great ideas to get your yard Summer ready so you can start enjoying those afternoons in the sun.

1) Clean Up
Winter can wreak havoc on our front and backyards. Once that snow is gone, get out there with garbage bags and bins and start cleaning up. Litter, dead leaves, fallen branches, clear it all and start with a fresh pallet. It doesn’t hurt to give your patio a nice spraying down, either. Cleaning your patio gets rid of the gunk left behind by Winter and lets the wood breath.

2) Trim & Mow
Grab your mower and those shears. It’s time to give your yard a nice trim. Cut back any deadfall, smooth out the hedges, and mow the grass. Your grass has been through the wringer over the Winter and desperately begs to be cut. This gives your yard a nice refresh and opens it up for your friends and family to enjoy.

3) Furniture
Bust the patio furniture out of storage or head to the store to find some nice, colorful chairs to brighten up the yard. Having ample seating as well as a few side tables creates the perfect environment to enjoy the afternoon sun or an evening BBQ. Make your backyard a place to be.

4) Install a Fountain
If your yard is missing something and you just can’t figure out what it is, then you may just need a water fountain. A gorgeous water display not only looks good but it attracts birds, butterflies, and other Summertime creatures.

5) Plant Flowers
Planting flowers brightens up your yard and adds some much needed color. It also attracts butterflies and pretty things reminiscent of Summer.

6) Pool or Sprinkler
You can’t have Summer without some water to play in. If your yard allows it, invest in a pool or clean out the one you may already have. If your yard is cozy, then opt for a great sprinkler.

7) Bird House
Bird houses add character to any yard and attracts beautiful birds to your backyard. Birds also equal less bugs, so think about that when you’re trying to enjoy your backyard during those mosquitos riddled months.

8) Music
No backyard event is complete without some good music. Invest in a waterproof, wireless speaker and take the music anywhere outside.

9) Storage Bins
Storage bins help keep your nice Summer yard neat and clean. Toss any toys, gear, or equipment in the bins when you’re done and voila!

10) Fire Pit
We can all benefit from the use of a good fire pit. It’s a Summer must-have. If you can’t have a pit in your yard, then opt for a chimnea or ethanol burner.

How to Find the Best Spot for Your Outdoor Fountain

Pinning to have an outdoor fountain installed in your property, but confused where to put it? You're not alone. A lot of homeowners, in their desire to beautify their home, have purchased fountains only to place them in less-attractive parts of the house. Avoid this mistake; learn how to find the right spot for your outdoor fountain, right from the pros!

When it comes to water features, location is key. It's not about how beautifully landscaped your house is. An outdoor fountain can immediately transform a plain backdrop into a beautiful, relaxing space. Now, before you begin shopping for your water feature, it is best to know which place you're going to put it, and if it suits your needs.

  1. Pick up a ruler and measure the area. You may want a large outdoor fountain, but the space isn't enough to accommodate the installation. This is a big no-no. What you want is a water feature that simply complements the size of your outdoors. Once this is discerned, let's move on to the next step.
  2. Choose the spot where it is most cohesive with the setting. It could be in the middle of your garden. It could be at the side, or you may have a wall fountain. It could be near the patio. One way to discern the best spot is where you can actually enjoy viewing your garden and enjoy its tranquil sound.
  3. Understand that your outdoor fountain is meant to be seen. For bigger yards, make it a focal point. For smaller gardens, incorporate it into your lush plants and create a nostalgic, flowery backdrop. At best, it should be a place where you and your favorite people are more likely to hang around. Installing your outdoor fountain where it is less seen makes it useless.
  4. A small glance at the window can help. Imagine this: the peaceful sight of your outdoor fountain, greeting you as you open your windows. You want your installation to be enjoyed from the inside too.
  5. Other than the aesthetics, your outdoor fountain also requires one thing: electricity. With that, you want to install your water feature nearby an outlet where you can easily plug the installation in. You don’t want it to be far away from the source, as cords and wires can be a hassle to hide.
  6. Avoid noisy areas. One reason why you bought your outdoor fountain is the serene splashing of water it produce. However, if you place it in a corner where there are too many sounds, you won’t be able to enjoy it as much. Place your fountain away from the busy honking of the vehicles, heavily crowded spaces and loud audio.
  7. Keep the safety of your children, and pets, in check. Tuck the cords of your outdoor fountain so that they won’t trip on it. Install your water feature in corners where they can still enjoy the external section of your home, without feeling limited.

By following these tips, you can discover the perfect section for your outdoor fountain in no time! Now, shop around, and enjoy your relaxing water installation in your beautiful garden.

Here Is How to Keep Your Outdoor Fountain Looking & Performing Its Best!

The perfect outdoor fountain will create a stunning focal point for your garden or patio. Proper maintenance and care will ensure that your fountain looks and performs its best for many years to come. There are thousands of different types of outdoor fountains to choose from, so it will be simple to find one that suits your personal tastes, budget, and the amount of time you are willing to invest in care and maintenance.

Basic Outdoor Fountain Care

Most of the time, you hear a lot of emphasis placed on maintaining the proper water level for your fountain, but just as important is keeping your fountain clean. Once a week, you should wipe the inner bowl of your fountain with a soft cloth. Not only does this keep your fountain looking its best, but it also helps prevent a buildup of dirt and debris. It is also imperative to remember to clean and refill the pump of your outdoor fountain on a bi-weekly or monthly basis (depending on the size of your fountain). If your fountain’s pump runs dry, you can bet that it will result in the purchase of a new one.

Cleaning Your Outdoor Fountain

Cleaning your fountain’s pump and bowl is critical to ensuring a long lifespan. The bowl itself should be emptied and gently scrubbed with dish detergent and a non-abrasive sponge once every 1 to 2 months. However, before you begin cleaning your fountain, you are strongly encouraged to pull out the owner/operator’s manual to double check and see if your fountain requires a special type of cleaning. For example, some outdoor fountains will require filtered water or additional additives to remove buildups of calcium or mold.

Cleaning Your Outdoor Fountain’s Pump

Before removing your outdoor fountain’s pump, flip through the manufacturer’s guide on proper detachment and cleaning methods. After the pump has been removed and open, you can gently place it in a solution of one-part vinegar and three parts water for a simple cleaning solution.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

In regions that experience moderate to severe seasonal climate changes, outdoor fountains should be brought indoors to prevent them from freezing and/or cracking. This is especially true for fountains that are crafted from marble. If the fountain’s size prevents it from being easily moved, the next best alternative is to drain it completely dry, thoroughly dry it with a soft cloth, and place a fountain cover over it in order to shield it from the weather.

  • Aldyn Miller

The Rainbow-Colored Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Located in the busy hub of Barcelona, Spain, the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, fondly known locally as Font Màgica, is a beautiful outdoor fountain wildly illuminated by colors and sounds. It is the largest decorative fountain in the capital, using mainly recycled water for its streams. About 3,000 liters of water are jetted out from its nozzles per second, shooting as high as 4 meters high. The water then drizzles into three pools that is constructed with a highly-innovative recirculating system. Synchronized music adds to the beauty of the liquid movement.

The fountain was built by Carles Buigas, known for crafting a handful of other illuminated mountains in the 1920s. It stood in the area where the famous Four Columns were, after being destroyed by former prime minister Migel Primo de Rivera. Buigas' ambitious plan was initially scoffed off--having designed with an experimental, filtered electrical light. With the help of thousands of workers, Font Màgica was built in time for its grand showcase in the International Exposition.

Movements in the Spanish Civil War caused heavy damages to the fountain, which remained not functioning until its creator handled the repairs. In 1955, the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc once again lit the city. Three decades later, music was added to its technology. In 1992, the fountain has become one of the Menorca's best attractions, fittingly beautifying the city during the time when the Olympics was held in Spain.

A gem in the urban beach-side backdrop of Catalan, the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc remains a favorite attraction for the easy-going crowd. From it, one can view the slopes of the Tibidabo district, and the flourishing hub of Plaza Espanya.

On special evenings or during summer, fountain shows are held, attracting a large crowd eager to view the magnificent harmony of water, music and light display. The show starts with nostalgic music from the 70s and classical music, and then gradually leans to the more modern tracks, igniting the attention of the younger generation. But other than the choice of music, the real showstopper is the vibrant combination of colors that move along with the jetting of the water. The fountain show is indeed magical, with the liquid dancing to various musical choreographies. Remixes are among the crowd favorites.

More than 2 million people visit the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc annually. The site is available for public viewing and is free of charge. Summer shows runs from Thursdays to Sundays, while winter months offer a Friday-to-Saturday display. Other than its otherworldly display of water wonders, the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc also provides a great backdrop to special occasions. It is the favorite destination for a popular firework and laser show, Piromusical, which closes the event for Barcelona's La Merce, the city's main festival.

Want to take the magic of Montjuïc with you? You can incorporate the inspiring feeling of light and water to your property by installing an outdoor fountain. Shop our dazzling, nicely illuminated water features and adorn your home with this one of a kind display. See the water drip along cascades and tiers, and feel refreshed, just as if you’re viewing the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc.

Learn How to Keep Algae from Growing In Your Outdoor Fountain!

There are pros and cons to adding an outdoor fountain to your backyard or outdoor space. The sound of running water certainly creates a relaxing and tranquil environment, but that lovely fountain can also quickly transform into a hot mess. The growth of algae is not only unsightly, but it can affect your fountain’s filtration system, which interferes with your ability to enjoy the fountain. The good news is that, with regular maintenance, you can eliminate algae growth before it begins.

  1. Give your fountain a thorough cleaning every 1 to 3 months, depending on your fountain’s size. Cleaning your fountain prevents nutrients from the water and waste materials from accumulating on its surfaces. Water, a mild soap, and a non-abrasive sponge should be all that it is required to give your fountain a thorough cleaning. The fountain pump will need to be removed and placed in a bucket of warm water to soak (which loosens debris) before being scrubbed itself.


  1. Place your fountain in the shade – away from direct sunlight. When nutrients in the water are exposed to direct sunlight, algae growth occurs. Nutrients can be found in water naturally. They usually result fish waste, plant waste, or other types of debris. By placing your fountain in a shady location, you can reduce the chances that algae will form and grow.


  1. Fill your fountain only with fresh water. If you have a small to medium sized outdoor fountain, try filling it with distilled water only. This will give it a distinct advantage in the water against algae. Because the water has been distilled, it has already had its impurities and debris removed. This will assist in preventing algae from forming. For logistical and financial reasons, using distilled water in larger fountains is not always practical, but if you would prefer to use distilled water in a larger fountain, then you are encouraged to do so.


  1. Use a preventative agent to help combat the growth of algae. Having fish or plants in your fountain will naturally help prevent the formation and growth of algae; however, if you do not have these additions, adding a preventative agent can be just as effective. “Preventative agents” run the gamut from barley extract to a few capfuls of bleach to specialized algaecides. Naturally, if you have plants or fish in your fountain, then you must ensure that you select a product that will not kill the plants’ roots or the fish.

Algae prevention begins before you even purchase your fountain. Take special care when buying a fountain to ensure that you are purchasing one with an appropriately sized pump that is capable of properly aerating your water. Because water aeration increases the levels of oxygen within the water, it provides an extra layer of defense in the fight against algae.

  • Candace Osmond

Experience the Grandeur of the Magic Fountain of Montjuic!

Located in Barcelona, Spain, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic is often referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World by the locals. Like most of the developments surrounding it, this world famous fountain was constructed as part of the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. Over time, it has become a familiar and beloved icon to the people of Spain.

Carles Buigas was the brilliant mind who designed and oversaw the construction of the Magic Fountain. He was among the first architects in the world to begin creating illuminated fountains, and he built his first one in 1922. The location where the Magic Fountain sits was previously home to The Four Columns, which are symbolic of the Catalanism movement. The Prime Minister at the time ordered The Four Columns to be destroyed to make way for the Magic Fountain. In 2010, the Columns were rebuilt just a few feet away from their original home.

Initially, it was doubtful whether or not the Magic Fountain would actually be built. Buigas submitted his design only 13 months before the Exposition was to take place. Critics said that there was too little time to complete the design, and it was called too ambitious. In the end, it required the cooperation of more than 3,000 workers to complete the Magic Fountain on time. The Magic Fountain put on its first show just one day before the Exposition was to start.

During the Spanish Civil War, the Magic Fountain sustained heavy damages, and it was non-operational until 1955. Buigas acted as overseer for repairs on the Fountain. It has operated on a daily basis since then.

In the mid-1980s, the fountain’s operators began to incorporate music alongside of the fountain’s water and light shows. The Magic Fountain underwent restoration and repairs before the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games. Currently, the Magic Fountain puts on shows on the weekends at half hour intervals. Music that is played during the shows include modern pop music, classical music, and soundtracks from famous movies, like The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, and the Gladiator. The light shows incorporate more than 50 different shades of color.

Each year, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic is the selected site of the Piromusical, which is an enormous display of fireworks, accompanied by a laser and music show. The show is very popular in Barcelona. The Magic Fountain can be found at the very end of Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina just below the Palau Nacional. Another noteworthy fact regarding the Magic Fountain is that it operates solely on recycled water in an effort to conserve drinking water.

  • Aldyn Miller