Bird Bath Fountain by Outdoor Fountain Pros
Bird Bath Fountain by Outdoor Fountain Pros


It is a well-known fact that most animals love water. Dogs enjoy playing in fountains, and cats prefer to watch it from a distance. However, humans are also known to enjoy fountains – particularly animals are included in the design. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, and some appeal more to animal lovers than others. The great thing about fountains is that they look fantastic for humans to enjoy as well! If you are looking at installing a fountain in your yard, there are different models for you to consider. The top 5 fountains for animal lovers are listed below.

Frog Plinth Water Feature Fountain

This water feature has a frog statue pouring water from its mouth into a stone basin. This particular model of fountain is set directly on the ground, so it is quite low. The frog statue is a realistic representation of nature. If you like amphibians, you will enjoy the view of this quaint fountain. Read more about this fountain here.

Paradiso Garden Water Fountain

This is a great fountain for animal lovers, because it also attracts real birds to your yard. There are stone figures of two birds nuzzling together on the side of the basin. The basin is high enough that birds will be enticed to use it as a birdbath. Information about this model can be found here.

Bear Family Cascading Water Fountain

If you love wild animals, this fountain might be a good fit for you! The fountain displays a cute family of bears at the peak of the structure. There is a mother bear who has her paws wrapped around her two small cubs. There is a two tier basin, so the water has a good distance to travel. This fountain deserves a peak from you! You can view this fountain in our animal outdoor fountain collection.

Dolphins Garden Water Fountain

This fountain has a simple dolphin figure in the center. Below is a round basin to catch the water that flows from the dolphin’s blowholes. The dolphin has the appearance of leaping playfully out of the fountain. This model can be found here.

If you enjoy fountains and animals, why not combine them? Having a fountain with animal forms is sure to give you enjoyment every time you look at it or happen to hear the water splashing.   

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