Tips on Cleaning a Tiered Outdoor Fountain


An outdoor fountain invites a sense of peace and relaxation; there's that magical feeling whenever we hear the sound of the light streaming of the water, and the beautiful spectacle of stone or glass erected in the middle of the garden. It makes you want to sit down, admire the view and read your favorite book, silently washing away the stress of the day. Everything appears to be tranquil, until comes the cleaning part.

Buying an outdoor fountain means more than just enjoying its benefits. In turn, you want to keep it clean at all times, knowing that the water particles get into the air we breathe. Algae and mold buildups must be prevented to avoid those nasty smells. And you want the fountain's surface to be clear from any debris so that it remains perfectly polished, unblemished and cared for.

three-tiered outdoor fountain

While cleaning a regular fountain feels like a no-brainer, how about maintaining a tiered fountain? A tiered outdoor fountain looks beautiful, with pools of water dripping down from one layer to another. But cleaning it, however, is no joke, and may require greater efforts compared to maintaining a single basin. With different sized bowls to consider, we're not surprised if you want to back out from the job. Fortunately, you've got no reason to; we at the Outdoor Fountain Pros got you the best tips when it comes to maintaining your tiered fountain.

Let's cut to the chase: maintaining your fountain, may it be single or tiered in design, has no quick fix. There are many things to consider. You'd be surprised how grass shavings, flower petals, bird deposits, gum and other materials find their way into your beloved fountain bowls. Elements such as hard water and molds are likely to clog the filter especially during spring season. Unless you observe a diligent cleaning routine, you might find yourself faced with the problem of hard-to-remove debris.

But this work is not impossible. Start by disassembling your fountain; this comes with the manual. Take away the pump and all the moving parts and let it soak inside a bucket of warm water, free from solutions. Now, the basins require much more work; get your gloves ready and be prepared to remove some dosage of muck.

Pick up a scrub brush and mix it with some elbow grease or a mild detergent, and scrub into the surface. This is a good portion where you can inspect your basins and see whether there are caulking and cracks on the surface. Rinse the bowls and set them out to dry. One neat tip: use a hose with a jet nozzle. This is applicable to water features with almost-flat basins. Set the water pressure on an angle and create a mini-whirlpool, which in turn, cleanses out the unwanted items from the inside. You can give your tiered fountain an instant cleansing without thoroughly disassembling the structure. Make sure all the tiers of your fountain are dried up before refilling it again.

Did you find these tips helpful? Stay tuned for more fountain cleaning hacks, straight from the pros!

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  • Cristhy Calague