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A Symphonious Water Spectacle: The Dubai Fountain

Perhaps one of Dubai's best sights is its very own fountain--draped around the 24 acres of the man-made Burj Lake is the Dubai Fountain. It is notable, not only for its superbly developed surroundings, but also for producing water jets that reach as high as 140 meters. The stunning length of reach can be comparable to a 45-storey building; that's an amazing feat that can only be achieved by working with the best fountain makers in the world. It's not surprising to know that this same fountain was created by the California-based company WET; they are the same geniuses behind the well-known Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Many has alluded to the Dubai Fountain as the largest choreographed water feature in the world. It expands 275 meters long and is composed of five main circles of different sizes, and two main central arcs. Inside the dazzling water movement are over 6,000 super lights made by WET—a series of sparklers crafted from the most advanced form of incandescent lights specifically made for fountains. Beneath the glittering illuminations are 25 color projectors that portrays a wide rainbow of colors and more than a thousand abstract displays. The lights, along with the spectrum from the projectors, can be viewed from a 20-mile distance, letting you enjoy the bright glow of water jets from afar. In fact, the motion from Dubai Fountain is visible from space. At night, it becomes the brightest area in The Middle East. But more than its impressive displays, it also plays along a beautiful symphony of music, dancing along a lineup of well-known music. The repertoire includes songs from Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, Edith Piaf, Lou Reed and Michael Jackson. The wide range of tracks allows this sight to be enjoyed by anyone of any age, of any musical taste.

More than 22,000 gallons of water are sprayed into the air at random moments, orchestrated to match the beats of the song played along it. The precision of the movement was among its best aspects, thanks to the many high-pressure water jets, water robots and shooters, which forms an interesting liquid waltz. Noises from the shooters explode as the water is ejected into the air. Extreme movements were used the least, for it takes a lot of pressure and energy in order to shoot water and create higher columns.

Neighboring structures benefit from the visible dancing of the water, especially during on occasional performances. The lineup includes "Sama Dubai", often the first of its daily shows, which is a tribute to Dubai's king, Sheikh Mohammed. Songs from other tongues are also features, such as Andy Lau's "Shanghai Grand", the Turkish "Elif" and "Let it Go", from the popular Disney movie, Frozen.

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Get Mesmerized by Seaham Hall’s Charybdis Fountain

Lodged inside the center of England's Seaham Hall is an eye-catching outdoor fountain called the Charybdis. Named after a mythical whirlpool in the Strait of Messina that dragged seafarers undersea, artist William Pye took this inspiration to craft a water feature unique in its own. The hazards of the strong, circular vortex became a visual allure, with the movement locked inside a transparent acrylic cylinder. The spiral movement of water tickles one's curio as the blue-water showcase the thunderous movement as told in the Grecian fable. Working on this fountain was no small feat, however. The air core vortex made use of acrylic polymer for the clear water container: a material translucent enough for anyone to enjoy the sight while keeping them safe from the dramatic revolution.

The real wonder of this water feature is when it is seen above, from the balcony of the glamorous Seaham Hall in Sunderland. The real wonder of this water feature is when it is seen above, from the balcony of the glamorous Seaham Hall in Sunderland. Perched on a sprawling 37 acres of beautifully landscaped garden and set against a cliff location, this Durham spa hotel was rated five-star and comes with a rich noble heritage. It is a place where the notable romancer and poet Lord Byron finally said his vows with the intelligent Ada Lovelace, creating traces of their journey in love and life within its grounds. Having transformed in various transformations from different families and inspiration, the modern luxe resort now stands with its Gregorian country house facade draped with rich modern eclectic interiors paired with classic hints. Hot tubs, spa rooms and a swimming pool accentuate the recreational areas of the hotel. Two noteworthy restaurants found a home in the long-extending grounds: The Byron Restaurant, and Ozone.

History states that this contemporary spa hotel was originally an acquisition of Sir Charles William Vane, the 3rd Marquess of Londonderry, by his marriage to a great heiress, Lady Frances Anne Vane. Despite of its premiere location and refined construct, this residence was seldom used. However, during the World War I, Seaham Hall was used as a hospital, accepting emergency refugees until 1978, where it was transformed into a nursing home until the 1980s. Kusia Jalal from Sunderland bought the area, with the vision of renovating the deteriorating architecture and bringing it back to its original glory. In 1985, it re-opened as Seaham Hall Hotel, with the aid of the local skilled workforce and the inspiration from Jalal's Anglo-Arab ancestry.

William Pye’s genius was employed when he was asked to create a stunning water feature for this grand hotel. The Charybdis was one of Pye’s gifts to the world—an unusual fountain that glows in jewel-toned liquid and rotates in a heavy mass. You too, can enjoy a stunning water feature in your home. Be inspired with similar fountains for your outdoors. Create an unusual centerpiece and mark your empty grounds with a breathtaking movement of water, spinning and jetting in an amusing spectacle. Visit our website and discover modern outdoor fountain designs!

A Sculptural Spectacle: Flora Fountain in Mumbai

Mumbai's Flora Fountain, perched inside the Martyr's Square (locally known as Hutatma Chowk), is a majestically sculpted water feature. It is considered as an architectural heritage installation, and one can find it by trailing the southern end of the Dadabhai Naoroji Road at the commercial district in India's busy capital. The Flora Fountain was erected with great thoughts of artistry and water engineering. The construction started in 1864 and was said to cost about nine thousand pounds of sterling, which was a huge sum in the olden days.

The inspiration for the fountain was the Roman Goddess Flora, whose figure can be found at the center of the water feature. The fountain was supposed to be erected in the Victoria Gardens, until the then Mumbai Fort was demolished back in 1960 in the efforts of Sir Bartle Frere, then Governor of the era, to improve the municipal sanitation and provide urban spaces for the developing city. But before this demolition, the Fort has been furnished between the 1960s and 1970s by the renown British East India Company. The present day Dadabhaj Naoroji Road was then part of the colonial sight of the Crawford market which was then connected to the Victoria terminal.

Flora Fountain was birthed out of the concept of Richard Norman Shaw and was sculpted in rich Portland stone by James Forsythe. Originally, the fountain was designed for the former governor of Bombay, but after a few considerations, the builders took note of the Roman goddess of flowers and the beauty of spring. Thus, the sculpture includes a lovely array of a woman covered in flowers, with the Portland stone embellishing the tip of the fountain. Folklore figures cover the four corners of the fountain. Unfortunately, it was said that a coat of white oil paint has tainted the vintage value of the water feature.

Since its erection, Flora Fountain has been greatly protected by the city. Large sized banners were removed, so that tourists can see the great spectacle of the water feature. The Mumbai authorities have addressed the situation by providing architectural plans for shopkeepers and commercial establishments to implement their media without hindering the view of their local gem. This fountain, which has long been an inspiration for many artists and poets, continues to become a popular landmark for those visiting in Mumbai.

Around the Flora Fountain are various banks, offices and shops, making the district more lively; this is because the feature is found at the heart of a five-way street of the Central Business District of the city. From here, one can explore other great destinations, such as the pretty Victorian inspired buildings that surround the fountain. Other sights, such as the Rajahbai Tower and the High Court, are also easily accessed.

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The Tallest Fountain of the Middle East: King Fahd’s Fountain

Known as the tallest outdoor water fountain in the Middle East, and of the world, is King Fahd's Fountain. Colloquially dubbed as Jeddah's fountain, this astounding water feature is nestled inside the urban skyline of the bustling city of Jeddah, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which is the wealthiest area in the Middle East. The fountain was donated to the city by none other than its monarch, King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, and was constructed three years before it was launched in 1985.

Guinness Book of Records listed this fountain, jetting over the height of a thousand feet. It has become a memorial landmark for Jeddah, and postcards and photographic souvenirs of the city can't be complete without it. The fountain is so tall by a huge distance among its other competitors. The water spray is visible through the entire cityscape and can be viewed from afar. Some say that the fountain is even taller than the Eiffel Tower, even if you include its lengthy antenna!

Passersby can only be amazed at the wondrous spray of water that shoots upwards at a speed of 233 miles per hour. A massive amount of water creates a plume shape as it shoots vertically in consistent, constant speeds. The mass can exceed a whopping 16,000 kilograms of airborne weight.

It must be noted that the fountain takes a page from the Swiss' Jet d'Eau fountain, found in Geneva. Surprisingly, the fountain is also the city's beloved landmark. What the King Fahd’s Fountain was able to achieve, however, was the right engineering in height and water spray that makes this fountain worthy to be listed in the Guinness.

This fountains virtues are also its complications. Since King Fahd's Fountain runs using sea water at an unusually fast speed, among the key challenges to the builders of the structure were corrosion and abrasion. Both difficulties create problems for outdoor water fountains and may result in the entire structure breaking down from the inside. Thus, the people who build this created a special pit for the pump intakes. It dries the area and is yearly treated with a solution that prevents the growth of buildups and microscopic life. Water that jets out into the plume is filtered through a row of screens before it reaches the pump. Thus, soil, sand, and other organic elements are filtered out easily.

Because of its height, there are about 500 strong spotlights which are used to brighten the fountain during the dark. These lights are made to endure the constant droppings of tons of water from thousands of feet. Special materials are made to cover these illuminations to keep the barraging water from breaking it. The lights are enclosed tightly in a special case, giving off the glow of colors during the evening.

King Fahd's Fountain has remained open to this day, and the only time the fountain was said to be shut down is during its yearly maintenance which takes less than a month.

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Common Outdoor Fountain Problems and How to Solve It

An outdoor fountain offers many benefits for your health and home. It adds cosmetic value to your property and makes your gardens and patios more inviting. The soothing sounds it produce helps you concentrate and lowers your anxiety and stress. These and more are already good reasons why you should install one in your home, but before you go buying it, there are some things you need to know in order to avoid the problems that may go with it.

First mistake: Lack of planning.

It's nice to see the water jet out of your fountain and form delightful cascades in layers. But did you know that it is necessary to pre-plan the size of splash and shoot before you install your water feature? Ignoring this step may cause issues to your garden. A small basin with a large splash radius may cause flower beds to be muddy and look unsightly. The fountain, in turn, will lose water which ends up in a worn-out pump. It is important to buy a large catch basin to prevent water from jetting out of the installation.

Second mistake: Gaps in the spout

This may produce liner leaks which cause problem to the plumbing. A problem prevalent to outdoor wall fountains, one keen solution is defining where the holes are. Easily to this by sprinkling the facade with cornstarch, which allows you to discern the water movement through the eddies. Find the spot and put on a patch for a quick remedy. You can always call a professional to help you seal the gap.

Third mistake: Not replacing the water regularly

Did you know that stale water deposits can actually harm your health? Mold accumulates in water over time. As it is the same liquid that swirls around your fountain pump and jets to the ground and on your skin, there is a good possibility that you, your kids or your pets get sick. Avoid this by replacing the water consistently, about once in every month. Notice the color. If your fountain produces hazy colored water, it's about time to stop the pump and give it a good drain. Clean it before adding a new batch of water into your fountain.

Fourth mistake: Incorrect measurements

You need to consider the outdoor space you have for your water feature. Be realistic. While you may be tempted to get a bigger, freestanding stone-cast fountain, it may be too big for your garden and may cramp the space. Also, remember that bigger fountains require bigger pumps, which may end up raising quite a bit on your utility bill. Other than the fountain size, you want to know whether your water system fits your new feature. Make sure that the plumbing is close enough to provide water from the pump, as well as electricity, to keep the fountain running.

Buying the right outdoor fountain involves more than choosing the perfect design to go with your home’s aesthetics. Your responsibility does not end after plugging your water system in and seeing the water splashing and cascading out of the basin. Make sure that you preserve your fountain, as well as everything around it, with proper upkeep and regular cleaning.

The Quizzical Trick Fountains of Peterhof Palace

The Peterholf Palace is a magnificent structure erected in the heart of Saint Petersburg, Russia, created solely under the command of Peter the Great. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the grand array of the palace is sometimes compared to The Versailles in France. Both features an awe-inspiring facade, a whimsical garden, and a series of water features enough to imbibe onlookers in a magical moment.

Peterhof Palace was initially conceived as a humble residence for Peter the Great's wife, Catherine. However, in 1705, the makers realize the potential of creating a grand structure out of the site. A group of geniuses, mainly composed of architects, engineers, artists and gardeners, were gathered to create a stunning summer residence for the couple. An ambitious plan was drafted, including a central palace surrounded with a mass of trees and an array of fountains, pools and cascades. A visit to Versailles fueled a fire in creating a greater castle.

Thousands of workers were employed to work on the castle. Among their laborious efforts was digging a grand canal between the palace and the sea. Construction started in 1714 and ended in 1723. Some fine work continued with regards to the decorations on the interior and embellishments of the garden.

The main highlight of the castle is perhaps the Grand Cascade, which is inspired from XIV's Château de Marly outdoor backdrop. Inside is an artificial grotto that contains two narratives which are faced from the inside out and were sculpted from an earthen hued stone. On the display is a snack table that houses a bowl of fruit. Jets of water shoot out whenever a visitor reaches out for the fruit, as if warning them not to touch another's property. A joke was hidden, not only in the prime fountain, but on the other water features as well.

Samson's Fountain is among the most eye-catching part of the area. The narrative depicts the strong Biblical character, tearing apart the jaws of a lion. It was a symbolical play to Russia's victory over Sweden, as the lion is often seen in the Swedish coat of arms, and the victory was helmed on St. Samson's day. On the lion's mouth is a 20-meter vertical water shoot, the highest of all the water features.

But the fun does not end there. The Sea Channel, fondly known as the Marine Canal, features twenty fountains and showcases the most extensive water feature during the Baroque era. Among them is the Sun, which resembles the rays of the fiery globe with a disc of water jets while rotating on a vertical axis. There are mysterious fountains which appear as trees. Sensors scan the guests and soak them with water whenever they pass by. A bench shaded by an umbrella flows with water, making the visitor very uncomfortable as they sit down!

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