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Creating Your Outdoor Oasis


It is great when we get the chance to leave our everyday routines and go away on vacation. What’s not to love about relaxing in the warm sun by a pool? However, we all know that vacations cannot last forever, and we will be coming home eventually. But what is stopping you from bringing the vacation to you? Turn your backyard into the ultimate outdoor oasis, where you are free to enjoy it whenever you like!

Spruce up the patio

Give the patio a little extra kick by adding some final touches to it. Create a seating area with couches and throw pillows. Make it a comfortable and welcoming space for everyone to gather around in.

Add an outdoor cooking area

Many people enjoy cooking food outside once in a while, so why not include a barbecue on your deck? Whether you or your partner likes to do the cooking, a BBQ dinner is sure to entice the entire family.

Install an outdoor fountain

Having something beautiful to look at will make your oasis feel more complete. An outdoor fountain can be designed to your preference, and can have a cool water display. The sound of water flowing is sure to calm and relax you as you sit outside.

Create shade

If your backyard does not have many trees, it may be hard for you to find relief from the sun. Set up an awning over your patio if you want to relax in the shade. Otherwise, you could put a large umbrella up over the table so that you can eat in comfort.

Put in a hot tub

Relaxing in the hot tub after a long day at work might be exactly what you need to de-stress. You will have the choice on the size, shape and design of your hot tub. If you place it on the deck, make sure the foundation is strong enough to support it when it is filled with water.

Incorporate mood lights

After the sun goes down, there will not be any light in your backyard apart from the moon and stars. If you want more light than that, you will need to add it yourself. String lights up in the tree branches to create a welcoming glow. Another option would be to set up some candles, so you can watch the light flicker across your beautiful yard.

It is fairly simple to create your ideal space in your own backyard. What is better about this option is that you can customize it exactly to your needs. As well, you do not need to share it with people you do not know, as you would if you were on vacation.

How to Create a Waterfall in Your Garden


When people think of waterfalls in their garden, they will usually picture the water flowing into a pond. However, having a pond is not the best idea for everybody. If there are small children or pets in the family, open bodies of water are not the best option in terms of safety. Luckily, you can still have a waterfall incorporated into your fountain. We will be discussing some of the different designs that might interest you.

Tier bowl fountain

The look of a multi-tiered fountain can be breathtaking. When the water travels from one level to the next, it produces a rhythmic, gentle sound. If you do not want a large fountain, you can still accomplish the same effect with a smaller model. This type of fountain will have small bowls placed beneath each other. Due to its small size, birds are likely to stop by and have a quick bath in the top bowl.

Hanging fountain

A hanging fountain will need to be mounted on some type of wall. This will typically be a fence or a building wall. The waterfall feature will involve the water starting near the top of the fountain, and making its way down to the basin. Most fountains will have some sort of design to make the water flow look more interesting. Hanging fountains are nice because you can place them up high, and out of the way of your children. This way, they are not a safety concern, but can still be admired as a focal point of the garden.

Layered rock waterfall

This option is suitable for people who want to embrace the natural landscape around them. Instead of adding modern touches to a yard, you could choose to enhance the beauty of nature. This waterfall fountain consists of a layered pile of rocks (either synthetic or real). The water is meant to flow through one (or multiple) entrances at the top, and gather at the bottom. The appeal of this fountain is that it may go with the theme of your entire garden. For example, if you prefer to have vines growing and lots of trees, a rock waterfall fountain may be the next addition that you are looking for.

There are so many options that we can choose to create more beauty around ourselves. This is why it is important to take the time and investigate exactly what it is that you want. Do not rush to go and buy something that is not perfect for you and your family. You can create the ideal outdoor living space, with a waterfall fountain as the main focal point.   

The Archibald Fountain


Fountains are created for a variety of reasons. Some simply have the purpose of being placed in backyard gardens and admired. However, others are created for a bigger purpose. For example, a fountain might be sculpted in commemoration of a significant event. This is the case of the Archibald Fountain, which is located in Australia.


Describing the Fountain

A French sculptor name Francois Sicard created the Archibald Fountain in 1932. Its purpose was to signify how Australia and France had come together during World War 1. The fountain is hexagonal in shape. It has a wide diameter, which stretches 18 meters across the middle. In the center, there is a figure of Apollo. Apollo was a god according to Greek and Roman mythology. This figure of Apollo is made out of bronze, and is on a platform above several other mythical figures that are also in the fountain. There is water spraying out of several places. This includes from the heads of the horse, tortoise and dolphin figures. There is also a large arc of water coming up from behind Apollo.


Where is the Fountain?

The Archibald Fountain is located in Sydney, Australia. It can be found in the northern section of Hyde Park. The fountain is a popular stop for meeting places and tourists. It is in an open area, so people enjoy taking photos with it. As well, the park has attractions such as flower gardens and benches for people to sit when they come to visit.


Why is it Called the Archibald Fountain?

The full name for the fountain is the J.F Archibald Memorial Fountain. J.F Archibald was a popular journalist, and founder of the Bulletin magazine. This magazine was considered to be quite radical for the time period. It addressed issues such as culture and identity. The magazine was successful in raising awareness of these issues, as the public would not have found out about them otherwise. J.F Archibald was very interested in art and culture. When he died, he left money in his will for a fountain to be created. This fountain had to be made by a French artist, and it had to depict the relationship between France and Australia during World War 1.


The Sculptor

Francois Sicard was very well-known in France, as well as other countries. At the time that the fountain was being discussed, Sicard had never been to Sydney. He worked with photos and sketches of the selected location instead. When he heard about the job, he submitted three different models of what he pictured the fountain would look like. The first of his models were unanimously voted for, and Sicard was hired for the job. Sicard was an educated man, as he had learned about Greek and Roman art and literature. He was inspired by his studies when he was designing the fountain. This is why he included a figure of Apollo. Apollo represented warmth and protection, which is what Sicard wanted the fountain to showcase.

Adding Plants and Fish to Outdoor Fountains


Outdoor fountains are certainly stunning on their own. They add elegance and a modern element to your yard. However, there are a few ways that you can add to the appeal of your fountain. For example, some people choose to add things such as plants and fish to your fountain. Is it safe to do either of these things? Let’s take a closer look.


There are many benefits to having plants in your water fountain. First, they provide oxygen, making it easier for you to take a deep breath and enjoy the view. As well, if you have plants floating on top of the water, it is less likely that algae will be able to grow. This means that you do not have to clean your fountain as frequently as you otherwise would have. The roots of plants also have the ability to break down any old debris that has gotten into your fountain. Overall, your fountain will be a cleaner, healthier place if you incorporate the use of plants in the water.

The one thing that you will have to worry about if you have plants in the water is if the roots get too large. They could potentially break through the basin and cause a leak. You can solve this by either monitoring the plant growth, or keeping them in containers. If they continue growing in the containers, they will eventually need to be transplanted to a larger space.


Fish are handy to keep in your fountain. They are interesting to watch, and they can be very happy living in fountains. Fish are able to produce carbon dioxide, which the plants take and convert into oxygen. The fish will produce waste products, which will help the ‘good bacteria’ that lives at the bottom of the fountain. As well, if you add a type of fish that eats algae, it will keep your fountain clean for you. There will be less maintenance for you to worry about if all the algae is being taken care of. You will need to make sure that there is enough room in the fountain for an aquarium filter, so the fish will stay healthy and happy.

If you live in a place that has cold seasons, your fish will likely not be able to stay in the fountain during that time. Most fish will not thrive in cold temperatures, and will need to be brought inside the house for the winter months.

There are many things that you can do with your outdoor fountain. Fish and plants are two things in particular that can add to the overall look and appeal. There should not be any harm in adding these to your fountain, as long as you follow the proper precautions. Keep monitoring the fountain, to ensure that everything is working and thriving as it should be. If there is a sign of trouble, you may need to reconsider your approach to the situation.

Different Types of Outdoor Fountains


When people hear the term ‘outdoor fountain’ they likely have one image in their mind: a traditional looking structure, where the birds enjoy visiting for their morning bath. However, there are a variety of different outdoor fountains that can be added to your yard. Let’s take a look at some of the options you have to choose from.

Multi-tier fountain

With a tiered fountain, you will have different levels. So the water would start at the top, and flow down to the second tier, and then the third tier. The final level is a basin that is significantly larger than the previous tiers. If you choose a fountain that has the tiers far apart from each other, the sound of water will be more prevalent. This is because the water has farther to travel between each level, and will splash louder. The number of tiers that you want is also up to you. If you want something smaller, you could go with a fountain that has two tiers. However, if you want something that will make more of a lasting impression, you might want a three or four-tiered fountain.

Fountains with a backdrop

If you want to set your fountain up against a wall, you have the option of adding a backdrop to it. You can use tiles and create a mosaic to accentuate your fountain. You can also create a design so that the water looks like it is moving in a certain way. When the light shines on the backdrop, the beautiful design will be highlighted, and the flowing water is just an added bonus.


If you want your fountain to stand out from the crowd, you can add some unique features to it. For example, you can have a figurine or sculpture of a person in the middle of the fountain. The water will be gently flowing over the sculpture, creating an interesting look. If you want to add to this look, you can incorporate symmetry into the area around the fountain.

Tabletop fountains

Who said that outdoor fountains have to be large? Add a bit of elegance to your patio table by placing a miniature fountain on it. You can even create your own, if you find something to use for the spout and basin. Outdoor fountains can be as simple as you want, but they still will provide something interesting to look at and listen to.

Hanging fountains

This type of fountain also requires space on a wall. It is hung, just like a picture, on the wall and the water flows through into a basin. This fountain is good for people who do not have much space in the yard for a larger fountain. You can incorporate the fountain into the overall design of the yard by choosing a specific design or finish for it.

Outdoor fountains come in all shapes and sizes. The trick is determining exactly what you are looking for, and figuring out how to incorporate it into the design of your house and yard. 

Are Outdoor Fountains Safe?


There is no doubt that anyone’s backyard look can be improved when you add an outdoor fountain to it. Outdoor fountains can bring elegance to the yard, and can brighten up the overall look. However, there are several safety concerns that must be addressed before you set up a fountain in your yard.



When you have an outdoor fountain, you will need electricity for the water to flow properly. The water pump is what is being powered. This means that you will need to set up electrical outlets and conduct power safely to the fountain. If you are not skilled at this type of thing, it is better to consult a professional. Water and electricity can serious damage to you if they meet each other.



If you have outdoor pets, they will naturally be attracted to the water in your fountain. Cats will try to hit the stream of water with their paw, and dogs will enjoy hearing the rushing sound. Also, they will likely both try to drink from the fountain if they can. This is typically okay for them to do. However, you must ensure that the fountain is clean and free of algae. Frequent cleaning of your fountain may be recommended, if you want to be absolutely sure that your pet will not contract bacteria from drinking the water. Pets can still fall in fountains, especially if they see a bird drinking from the water. They might forget where they are and try to chase the bird. If you do not want your pets near the fountain at all, try placing it on a tall pier. That way, it is more difficult for pets to see the water.



Children are always a factor to consider when you are thinking about putting a fountain in your yard. Smaller children might try to get in the fountain, and hurt themselves. They might also try drinking the water (just like a pet would). You can prevent these things from happening with just a few small changes. For example, placing some sort of barrier around the fountain might keep the children away. This barrier could be decorative, and made from shrubs or a small fence. Another thing that you could do is adding stones to the bottom of your fountain. This will reduce the depth of the water level. Whatever you decide to do in terms of safety, children should still always be accompanied by an adult when they are in the presence of water.  


The safety of children, pets and yourself should always come first. Take all the preventive measures that you feel comfortable with, no one will fault you for being too cautious. After you have made your fountain as safe as possible, you will have more peace of mind. You can sit by your fountain and enjoy the sight and sounds of it, without having to worry about what could happen.