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3 Stylish Tabletop Fountains

When you own a backyard, it is natural for you to want to dress it up a bit. People typically enjoy adding gardens and decorative elements to their backyards. This is done partially to impress your friends and family who come over. However, what if you have a small backyard? Are you still able to add the features that will make it look gorgeous? Of course, this can be done. You will simply need to scale back on the size of the decorations that you add. Tabletop fountains are a good compromise in this regard. 

M-Series Bamboo Garden Water Fountain

This fountain has a neat design, having a surface that looks as though bamboo is growing from it. It is a simple and quaint model and can bring a sense of peace to your yard. Below the surface is a small pump, which means that there is a continuous water flow. It can be plugged into a standard outlet, and an extension cord can be used if necessary. This fountain only weighs 17 pounds, so it could easily be placed on a stone table. Read more about this cool fountain here.

28” 3-Bowl “Juno” Pitcher Fountain

A regular water pitcher is what comes to mind when looking at this particular fountain. The water starts at the top and runs through two smaller basins until it reaches the bottom. The fountain is curved elegantly and is made with a bronze finish. The material of this model is resin and fiberglass. This fountain is quite small, weighing only 12.1 pounds. This makes it ideal as a tabletop fountain. More information about this fountain can be found here.

Cascading Leaf Tabletop Fountain

This cute fountain contains an ensemble of leaves. The leaves are sloping downwards, so that the water runs off them and into the basin below. Materials for this model include polyresin, stone powder, and fiberglass. These make for a durable, yet lightweight sculpture. Best of all, the weight of this fountain is only 5.9 pounds. It can be placed on a table of any kind, with no need to worry about the weight.  

It is not necessary to buy excessively large ornaments for your yard. Smaller items, such as tabletop fountains, can hold so much more value. These fountains will not overwhelm your guests when they see them. Instead, they pull the design of the backyard together, and provide a beautiful focal point. Depending on which fountain you choose, first make sure that your outdoor table can withstand the weight of it. If the fountain you have selected is too heavy, you may want to consider replacing your table with a sturdy one.