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Great Ideas for Outdoor Garden Water Features with Decorative Charm

As the summer draws closer and we start to get a greater glimmer of sunshine through the clouds of spring, we’re left to think about what we can do to improve our homes. Sure, winter is the time for keeping on top of DIY and gardening, but the true time to make great changes is when the sun is shining and you can see the fruits of your labour.

Rarely is there a better noise than the sound of running water coming from a waterfall, and rarely is there a better feeling at home than switching on the pump and seeing the water gushing through while sipping a delicious glass of wine from your garden.

If that dreamy situation sounds like your perfect evening, then go no further in looking at our list of top outdoor choices, from small outdoor water fountains to larger, more extravagant beasts.


Fantastically Four Tier

If you can’t imagine yourself sitting at the top end of your garden, looking out onto the green grass with this beauty to look on to then, surely, you’re doing summer wrong! This fantastic four tier fountain is a grand decorative piece the just screams sophistication and class and will no doubt look amazing wherever it goes. Not keen on the colour? No sweat, because this particular style comes in many different colours (27!) one of which will surely suit your home. A beautiful centerpiece for a beautiful garden, this has it all.


Two Tier Water Fountain

This two tier fountain is hardly as grand as the one previous, but it still packs a punch in the home as one of the quality small garden water fountains. With a beautiful pool underneath, the small size of the fountain is coupled with a well of water much bigger than the fountain itself. The lion’s heads around the side of the fountain look the part, especially if your love of animals is a theme around your home.


Outdoor Wall Fountain

Available in a massive array of colour styles, this part wall, part upright fountain has one water piece falling from the side of the ornament falling into a tray which filters it through separate ways. 


Sussex Wall Outdoor Water Fountain

The best part of this water fountain is, by far and away, the floral design that suits perfectly the flowers behind it, complimenting and playing off each other perfectly. Made from fiber-reinforced stone this small outdoor water fountain, this fountain easily plugs into any standard electricity system, meaning it’s very adaptable and easy to install.


Acanthus Two-Tiered Small Water Fountain

This two-tiered fountain is slightly smaller than some of the others, but that’s partly what makes this piece its own. Almost versatile enough to fit in any garden or plot of land, you can imagine this piece on a front or back lawn. Versatile is the keyword here, as you don’t even need plumbing, the water recirculates automatically from when you fill it up.


Portwenn Garden Water Fountain

The fountain here is square-based and has plenty of colour options to choose from. Another smaller piece that can be moved around super easily, it’s designed in the USA and made from fiber reinforced stone. Like the piece above, it requires zero plumbing as it recirculates the water - but just make sure the water is changed every so often so it doesn’t become stale and horrible! The style of this piece is made to look as though it has aged, but don’t worry, that’s merely a look. This brand new piece of furniture would look good in any garden, regardless of style.


Tuscan Vineyard Garden Fountain

A personal favourite fountain here, this Tuscan-style fountain is very suave, with a decorative bottle of wine as the main fountain piece, laying on top of a bunch of decorative stone grapes. Although this needs to be plumbed into the mains, I think in terms of style and decoration, this may be one of the nicest small fountains on the market. More like a side ornament than a fully-fledged fountain, this could sit on the side in your garden or even in your home - if you’re feeling experimental. Designed to last a lifetime and weather naturally to add to the look, this durable fountain would find a place in many classy homes.


What’s Best for You?

I think the size of your garden will certainly determine which piece of furniture you get and what you put where. You couldn’t have a larger piece in a small garden because it would look intimidating and out of place. At the same time, a smaller fountain in a huge garden would end up being drowned out - no pun intended - but the rest of the scenery. The final piece - the Tuscan Vineyard piece - would look great in a European-style garden. Small, plenty of vines and other stonework. That would work perfectly.


Whatever the Weather

All of these fountains, regardless of size, are build to last in all conditions. There’s no need to worry about moving them, bringing them indoors or weather wear-and-tear with these pieces. By way of caution, however, I would say it’s best to keep them clean and tidy, because of health and safety. Stagnant water is unsafe as it grows bad bacteria which can cause illness. Making sure you keep your fountain clean and tidy and free of mold will leave you will a beautiful and long-lasting piece of furniture.


Beautiful Outdoor Garden Water Fountains with Women Statues

The ongoing search to ever-improve your garden can be fought across a number of key battles. The battle to keep your grass and shrubbery tamed and tidy is often the biggest problem, but finding ways to add a certain level of pizzazz and class to your garden is often harder than it sounds. By the time you find something you like, you’re worrying about whether it will fit in your home and if it will be affordable. Well, the last part is always a tough nut to crack. However, let us try and help you with the first point, by showing you to the direction of classy and traditional female-centric outdoor water fountain statues. Feast your eyes on these.


Rebecca At Well Fountain in Petal Bowl

Kicking us off is this classically beautiful lady pouring water fountain that is tall, elegant and very Roman-inspired. Created from cast stone and available in 21 different types of finishes, you would surely be able to find a place in your home for this beauty. Because this is the brilliance of this ornament - if you have the right style home this could even go in there.

The woman, holding a water-bottle at the top of her body, is also holding a jar in her other hand that completes the fountain cycle. Standing on a petal-style basin, this fountain is really beautiful.


Adrienne Woman Garden Water Fountain

This light brown ornament is a classic style, similar to the above, with a hint of Roman artwork to it. The sophisticated fountain is perfect for your garden. The woman, who is holding a container for liquid, is seen pouring out the jug into the bowl beneath her. Said to “infuse your yard or garden with the relaxing and tranquil sounds of flowing water”, you and your family will no doubt fall in love with this piece of ornament.


Rebecca In Toscana Pool Fountain

Rebecca is back in this picture and looking mightily impressive above the water capturing bowl beneath her. The colour on the picture is a nice, calming and light colour, but this is available is plenty of different colours. This is a bold, exciting looking ornament to fit in many back gardens. If you’re looking for something that can add the amazingly relaxing sound of trickling water to your environment then you really need to look no further.


Lorelei in Valencia Fountain

This Loreli in Valencia fountain is a beautiful, delicate and intricate design and would look amazing in your garden or in an exotic-looking bathroom. Unlike some of the other fountain’s in our list, this one is a level of class above, with the fine design of her clothing and stance adding a beautiful level of poise to your home. The water in this piece comes from the shell above Lorelei’s head and falls down her body into the large bowl beneath her. A piece created in the USA, Loreli is available in 21 different shades to allow you to bring her into almost any colour scheme in your home.


Three Graces Outdoor Water Fountain with Shell Bowl

This fantastically grand and beautiful fountain depicting three women - three Graces - would certainly be a wonder for your home or garden. The slender design shows the three women leaning against a column while the decorative piece above their head flows water over their heads. The Roman-style fountain piece is inspired by old myths of bygone times, this would work really well with the old marble styles that were woven through these Roman times. If you were to buy this fountain, you would need to have it fitted into your home plumbing.


Why Get a Fountain?

It’s a good question, but surely this is obvious answer?! You can add a serious level of sophistication and delight to your home. Placing something so beautiful in your garden not only makes it look better, you will also be the talk of your friends and family. The many different styles and colours available means you will surely be able to find something that is to your liking.

Getting a fountain is also a great way to relax and unwind, as the sound of the flowing water makes for a great background noise to having a chilled-out beer or wine on a beautiful day outdoors.


Choosing Your Own Fountain

There’s a few things you need to take a look at if you’re deciding on getting your own fountain. The specific sign you’re looking at if how well it would fit into your home. This all depends on either the decor you have currently, or, if you’re decorating, then what your home will look like in future. This also applies to your garden.


An important factor in deciding your own ornament for your garden will be how it will be fitted. You can either have a fountain that is plumbed into your home’s currently water system. This won’t be a big job, but would mean it would need to be fitted by a professional. You can also get a fountain that circulates its own water itself. This would mean adding water to the piece, but once this is done the fountain works by itself. These are fairly common for smaller fountains. The only thing worth thinking about here is that you will need to make sure you clean the decoration in winter and while it’s not in use, because stagnant water will become unhealthy. 



Outdoor Water Fountains that Work Perfectly for Smaller Entryways

Even in a tight space, there is room for elegance. Don’t let having a small entryway keep you from achieving the style you so richly deserve. Whether you’re into old-fashioned or modern, lighted or dark, simple or extreme, there are options to fit whatever it is you’re trying to gussy up. We’ve lined up a few interesting items which will have you looking good in no time at all.


Echo Wall Water Fountain


The most modern of the bunch is the Echo Wall Water Fountain. Featuring fiber-reinforced concrete in a variety of colors, this fountain has a smooth style with no frills. Water pours from the single, pointed copper pipe into a basin several feet below. It splashes, the crash echoing off the concrete walls of the basin, spreading the soothing sounds of water all around. In a small entryway, this would be especially dramatic, almost like stepping into a cave behind a waterfall. Well, perhaps not that dramatic, but one can dream. For more on this stunning piece, please see our wall fountain collection. 


Vestibule Wall Garden Water Fountain


Like something out of an old castle, the Vestibule Wall Garden Water Fountain stands proud, welcoming any visitors who may come your way. Standing at a dramatic 65 inches, the fountain features an inset arch over a beautifully designed half basin. Inside the arch is where the magic happens, as a single spigot releases water into a small initial basin, which then splits the stream into three, which then cascade into the large half basin. These four streams of water would provide a light, but not overly loud, sound of water in a small entryway. The basin sits on an intricately designed pedestal, and the whole thing looks as though it is made of bricks torn directly from King Arthur’s Camelot. There is a lot to love about this fountain!


Distressed Pots Fountain With Halogen and LED Lights


I find this to be the most intriguing of the bunch. It calls upon visions of ancient civilizations living in caves with underground rivers. They crafted clay pots to carry the water to their camps or any other place they may need it, but sometimes they might get left behind and slowly begin to erode away. The Distressed Pots Fountain could be exactly that, or it could just be a truly creative idea. As water flows from the top basin, hitting another on each step toward the bottom, lovely water sounds are created. The glow from the accent lighting further enhances the mystical feel, making it seem as though this is a thing that exists outside of time. It is an impressive piece that deserves to be appreciated, which it would be if it were front and center in your small entryway. If you’re interested in this adventure, click here.


Agua Water Fountain in Rust Finish


Coming in at only 15 inches square, this fountain is positively perfect for a small entryway. The nice thing is, you’re not sacrificing quality for that small space, as this thing blends modern and classic styles in a way that’s sure to impress anyone coming to your home. With four pots in four different sizes, the Agua Water Fountain gives unique motion to the water, bringing with it gentle sounds as it flows through each one. The uppermost pot sits on a lovely gray river stone, which contrasts nicely with the rust finish the rest of the fountain features. One neat benefit to the Agua Water Fountain is it can be used indoors, as well, so this would make a nice addition to a foyer or seating area. Does a blend of rustic and modern sound like your thing? Then you’re in luck! Click here to learn more. 


Colonna Garden Water Fountain


Much like the Echo Wall Water Fountain, the Colonna Garden Water Fountain shines in its simplicity. Standing at 2.5 feet tall, the fountain features a small copper spout that releases water into a small basin, which then overflows into a larger basin to being the process all over again. The fountain features clean lines in the graceful arch that turns across the top, enhancing the smooth finish of the fiber reinforced cast stone concrete. This is a great piece to have in a tight space, though with its height, it might be best to somehow elevate it. Even at ground level, though, the Colonna Garden Water Fountain is elegantly peaceful, both in the sounds it puts out and in its style. For more on this lovely fountain, click here.


Valencia Wall Outdoor Water Fountain


This fountain takes me to a rural village in Spain where it sits outside the mayor’s home, letting everyone know it is an important place. Standing at more than five feet tall, it is a sight to behold. Water flows from a spout set into an intricately designed backplate. It falls into a small basin before flowing out of the four notches into the larger basin below. The Valencia Wall Outdoor Water Fountain is a thing of beauty. While it is wide, set up against a wall, as it should be, it only sticks out 17 inches, which isn’t bad in a small entryway. It’s especially not bad if you want to make a statement. Pure elegance is how I would describe this fountain. For more, click here.


Cencillo Garden Water Fountain


This garden fountain is one of the wider ones on this list, but it remains for a good reason: It’s lovely. A large, vertical pot stands in the center of the Cencillo Garden Water Fountain, almost like a lily reaching toward the sun. Water bubbles from the center of it, flowing down the sides of the pot into the basin below, creating soft splashes and beautiful refractions of light. The cast stone, which is available in 31 different colors, offers durability and is given a unique weathered look. It is as though time has touched this piece, but it has only made it better. 


Taking a look back at these beautiful fountains, it’s easy to see what sorts of wonderful things can be done in small spaces. Don’t feel down if you’ve got a small entryway, liven it up with a beautiful water feature sure to entrance anyone who sees it.

Amazing Water Features for a Tropical-Themed Garden

Ocean breezes. Thick jungles. Delicious drinks. What’s not to love about the tropics? If you want to bring some of that to your home, adding a water feature can really help make everything feel right. From the colors and materials to the images they project, a fountain can truly draw the tropics to you. Not only do water features make great show pieces for a backyard garden, they can bring in an emotional experience designed to transport you to anywhere you’d like. Does this sound like something you’re interested in? If so, we’ve got a few suggestions to help you get moving in the right direction.


Romantica Short Garden Water Fountain


Few things bring about the idea of the tropics the way the pineapple does. It is sweet and delicious and fits into so many tropical drinks. With this fountain, you can bring a bit of the pineapple’s magic into your garden. The interesting shape of the stone pineapple, which sits atop this 46-inch fountain, makes for unique water patterns and sounds as the water bubbles up to the top and cascades down the sides. What better way to help whisk you away to your tropical dreamscape? Placed amongst garden greens or flowers, this beautiful cast stone piece will have you wishing you had a piñacolada in hand as you relax in your own backyard. The Romantica Short Garden Water Fountain is available in 31 different shades, so finding the perfect color to make your corner of the world feel a bit more tropical shouldn’t be difficult at all. To learn more about this piece, click here.


Sea Horse Garden Wall Water Fountain


Picture this: You’re on a boat off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The sails are up, the sun is bright, and the warm air is lulling you into slumber. And then, you see it, an ancient, ocean-side structure. All along its walls are intricately carved fountains featuring numerous sea creatures. One in particular, catches your eye, showing two sea horses facing each other. With the Sea Horse Garden Wall Water Fountain, you can bring that experience home. The craftsmanship on this piece is incomparable, and it would be a beautiful addition to any garden or outdoor living area. Place it amongst greens against a wall and your garden suddenly takes on an air of mystique, harkening back to ancient times when humanity worshiped the sea. At 70 inches tall, this majestic, cast stone fountain will draw the eye, and spark the imagination, of anyone who sees it. Find out more about the fountain and its myriad color options here.


Lighthouse on Island Garden Water Fountain


Lighthouses and the ocean have gone hand in hand for millennia, the most famous being the Lighthouse of Alexandria, a Wonder of the Ancient World. This piece can bring some of that ancient history into your own garden. At 43.5 inches tall, the Lighthouse on Island Garden Water Fountain features a detailed, weathered lighthouse sitting atop a rocky island. The worn surface of the tower followed by the jagged edges of the stone beneath allow for intricate water sounds as it cascades into the basin. The basin itself features a weathered look, reminding one of the power of water and time. With its 33-inch basin, this piece would look beautiful in any lush, grassy areas, becoming a focal point for all who see it. If you’re looking to bring some history into your garden landscape, click here.


Dolphins with Shell Bowl Water Fountain


It may be an odd thought, but who hasn’t been a bit envious of the playful dolphin? They swim in warm ocean waters. They jump through the air and splash each other. They race under the waves. And now, they can hang out in your garden with this Dolphins with Shell Bowl Water Fountain. It features two dolphins playfully perched atop a wave in the middle of a scalloped basin. Water emerges from their blowholes and trickles down the waves into the basin, which itself sits upon a Roman-inspired pillar. This hefty piece, at 53 inches tall and 44 inches wide, is a sight to be seen. Placed among some shorter plants which end below the basin, or even in the middle of a well-manicured lawn, this fountain can bring youth and playfulness to any backyard space. Like each of the previously mentioned pieces, this fountain comes in a variety of colors. If the dolphin life is for you, find out more about this fountain here.


Tiki Fountain with LED Lights


The luau is one of the most time-honored and recognizable traditions of the tropics. Just the idea evokes thoughts of delicious food and drinks, as well as music and dancing. Let’s not forget another luau staple, the Tiki! This Tiki Fountain with LED Lights would make an excellent addition to any outdoor situation. With its fiberglass body, it is designed to withstand any sort of weather, so it fits in perfectly and safely into your backyard, your outdoor bar or even a nice patio. As water flows from the tallest Tiki mask down into the lowest, it bubbles musically, bringing calm and serenity to anyone who hears it. The LED lights situated in each of the Tiki masks’ basins help to illuminate the fun and add a little pizzazz to your festivities. Do you think the Tiki can bring the tropics into your life? Click here to find out.


These are just five of the many incredible water features out there you can use to bring the ocean life to your backyard garden. If you’re looking for the relaxation of an empty beach and cold drinks, perhaps something like the Romantica Short Garden Water Fountain or the Sea Horse Garden Wall Water Fountain will suit your fancy. If you’re looking for some excitement, you might be best choosing the Dolphins with Shell Bowl Water Fountain or the playful Tiki Fountain with LED Lights. If you want to create the perfect tropical sanctuary for yourself, this is a great way to get that started.

Multi-functioning Outdoor Water Features

The concept of decorating a yard has always been an appealing one to many people. It is certainly very exciting to take a blank slate and turn it into your dream oasis. A perfect backyard can be your sanctuary. It is the place where you can retreat to after you have had a long day. As well, it can double as your vacation getaway without having to spend any money going away! One thing in particular that is very interesting about backyards is that you can install features that have more than one function! These are great because you can have two outdoor features, for the price of one. As well, they will take up less room than if you had purchased the two of them separately. We will be going over some multi-functioning water features and their various uses.


Chambers Outdoor Water Fountain with Quatrefoil Basin

This is a beautiful water fountain that comes with a bonus – it is also a planter! You can grow flowers and other plants out the top of the fountain, while the water flows out the bottom into the awaiting basin. This is a great design, because it allows you to completely personalize your fountain. You can grow whatever you like out of your fountain, and not be restricted. This is also good for yards that are not very large. If you do not have enough room for a proper garden, this fountain allows you to have the option. Then you can still enjoy a fountain and flowers as well. This water fountain is quite large, as it is over 6 feet in height. It has four streams of water, and has beautiful detail etched into the fountain portion. Read more about this multi-functioning water feature here. We have many outdoor fountains with pools that can serve as planters as well. 


Bi Level Jug with Planter Garden Water Fountain

This feature is also a water fountain and planter combination. However, it has a very different look than the previous model. This fountain has two tiers and looks as though it is made of wood. The flowers are meant to grow out the top of the fountain, while the water flows down to the bottom. The flowers have the important purpose of adding a splash of colour to the entire feature. However, you do have the option of choosing different stains for this model. It is very durable, and it made from glass fiber reinforced concrete. This fountain weighs about 440 pounds, and it suggested that you use a lift gate to move it. Find out more information right here.


Rainbow Falls Outdoor Water Fountain with Bench

As the name suggests, this water fountain has a built-in bench included with it. The water fountain portion resembles a small waterfall, with the water rushing down. Right beside it is a bench, so you can sit next to the water and enjoy it. The feature is made of cast stone, so it is definitely made to last. You have the option of 31 different finishes of choosing from. If you place this fountain in your backyard, perhaps under a tree, you can spend many enjoyable hours outside. You could read a book and listen to the gentle sounds of water beside you. This product is extremely heavy, at 1592 pounds. It requires a forklift for moving and delivery. Check out this cool product here.


Acorn Garden Small Water Fountain

This cute fountain also has two purposes. It can be used as a water fountain, and as a bird bath. It has a traditional pedestal design, with a round basin at the top. The water in the basin shines when the sun hits it. This is a beckon to birds who wish to stop by for a bath. The sweet sound of birds singing and the rhythmic motion of moving water is enough to turn your backyard into a peaceful sanctuary. You will certainly enjoy spending time nearby, where you can watch the bird of the neighborhood splash and play. This fountain is constructed from cast stone concrete, which makes it very durable. You can leave it outdoors in all times of weather without fear of crumbling. This product weighs almost 100 pounds, and therefore should not be handled by only one person. Read more about it here.


Arcade Outdoor Solar Floor Fountain

This beautiful fountain was constructed in a very intricate way. It has curves and spirals which will impress even the toughest critic. It has multiple tiers, which are curved in the shape of flower petals. The interesting thing about this particular fountain is that it has solar panels built in. The fountain can stand outside, soaking in the sun’s rays. Then it will use that power to operate its recirculating pump. The water can continue its journey back and forth without any additional water being needed. You can place this fountain in the middle of your garden, or in the center of the yard. All you need to do is ensure that it has access to sunlight. This fountain could be a beautiful self-sufficient feature for your yard. If you have more questions about it, click here.


In this article, we have discussed five water fountains which contained four different options for being multi-functioning. First we went over the concept of water fountains having planters built into them. We looked at two different fountains that featured this. With those, you can allow your gardening talent to be put to good use. With the second option, we saw a fountain that has a bench built into it. This is very handy if you want a relaxing place to enjoy your beautiful backyard. The next fountain was a two-in-one bird bath. Birds would be attracted to your yard by the gently flowing water in the basin. The final option was a solar fountain. You could have a beautiful fountain that powered itself! These are just some of the many multi-functioning water fountains that exist. The key is finding the one that appeals perfectly to you!    

Create a Backyard Dream with these Waterfall Fountains

When you move into a house, it is common that people will focus primarily on the interior. They want the flooring changed, and pictures hung on the wall, and new furniture. However, after all the work on the interior is finished, some people just forget that they still have a blank slate that they haven’t started on yet. The backyard is an often forgotten about area which could use some TLC as well. One way to create a backyard dream would be to incorporate one of these beautiful waterfall fountains.


20” Virginia Rock Fountain

The design for this fountain mimics the look of a natural rock display. The water cascades gently down one of two paths of tiers. It then reaches the bottom and falls into the awaiting basin. The LED system is what makes this fountain really stand out. Your backyard will be awash with a beautiful light coming from this fountain. This light makes the fountain visible in the middle of the night, if you wish to admire it then. Read more about this fountain here.


22” Cypress Log Outdoor Water Fountain

This water feature was designed by Harmony Fountains. It will most likely appeal to those who prefer a natural ‘woody’ look. The fountain was made to resemble a tree trunk, and it has four tiers in the middle where the water flows through. If you have a lot of trees in your backyard dream, and you want a fountain that will fit in with the same style, this may be a good option for you. If you are curious about it, you can read about it here.


25” Crescent Rock Fountain

This small fountain truly resembles a realistic waterfall. The fountain is made to look like natural rock. There are no tiers, the waters simply tumbles over the ledge, and into the large basin at the bottom. This results in a little more splashing than other models. More information can be found by clicking here.


32” Bear Creek Fountain

This is likely the most intricate fountain from all the options we have looked at. The water starts at the top and comes down four tiers. The fountain is made of weather resistant fiberglass and resin, so it should be quite durable. There is moss on the rock in the bottom, to closely resemble the real thing. Read more about it here.


Now that you have made your house look nice, it is time to focus your attention on your backyard. Create the backyard dream that you have always envisioned quickly and easily! Adding a waterfall fountain will bring you back in touch with nature.