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Overhaul Your Neglected Backyard

Is your backyard looking neglected and in need of some love? In this article, we'll provide tips and ideas for transforming your backyard into an inviting and enjoyable outdoor living space that you can be proud of.

Different Types of Outdoor Fountains


When people hear the term ‘outdoor fountain’ they likely have one image in their mind: a traditional looking structure, where the birds enjoy visiting for their morning bath. However, there are a variety of different outdoor fountains that can be added to your yard. Let’s take a look at some of the options you have to choose from.

Multi-tier fountain

With a tiered fountain, you will have different levels. So the water would start at the top, and flow down to the second tier, and then the third tier. The final level is a basin that is significantly larger than the previous tiers. If you choose a fountain that has the tiers far apart from each other, the sound of water will be more prevalent. This is because the water has farther to travel between each level, and will splash louder. The number of tiers that you want is also up to you. If you want something smaller, you could go with a fountain that has two tiers. However, if you want something that will make more of a lasting impression, you might want a three or four-tiered fountain.

Fountains with a backdrop

If you want to set your fountain up against a wall, you have the option of adding a backdrop to it. You can use tiles and create a mosaic to accentuate your fountain. You can also create a design so that the water looks like it is moving in a certain way. When the light shines on the backdrop, the beautiful design will be highlighted, and the flowing water is just an added bonus.


If you want your fountain to stand out from the crowd, you can add some unique features to it. For example, you can have a figurine or sculpture of a person in the middle of the fountain. The water will be gently flowing over the sculpture, creating an interesting look. If you want to add to this look, you can incorporate symmetry into the area around the fountain.

Tabletop fountains

Who said that outdoor fountains have to be large? Add a bit of elegance to your patio table by placing a miniature fountain on it. You can even create your own, if you find something to use for the spout and basin. Outdoor fountains can be as simple as you want, but they still will provide something interesting to look at and listen to.

Hanging fountains

This type of fountain also requires space on a wall. It is hung, just like a picture, on the wall and the water flows through into a basin. This fountain is good for people who do not have much space in the yard for a larger fountain. You can incorporate the fountain into the overall design of the yard by choosing a specific design or finish for it.

Outdoor fountains come in all shapes and sizes. The trick is determining exactly what you are looking for, and figuring out how to incorporate it into the design of your house and yard. 

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Garden with a Feature Fountain


There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in your garden on a sunny afternoon listening to the soothing sound of water. The calming noise has been used for decades for meditation and selling recordings have become big business.

But you can create this atmosphere in your garden with a feature fountain.

If your back garden has seen better days and you’re fed up with a boring square of lawn surrounded by shrubs, then add some class with a fountain.

There are thousands of different water fountains and features to suit every size, shape and style of garden. From a palatial marble circular fountain to a natural, slate rock spring you can find the perfect design to give your plot the wow factor.

For a wild, English country garden feel, consider an outdoor fountain cascading over slate or York stone. This natural design gives an untamed feel to your garden and when set against a backdrop of lush green plants it can create a beautiful feature.

Planting wildflowers and scented foliage, such as lavender or jasmine, will give your garden a mysterious and interesting atmosphere.

If you want a more formal garden, then a classic three-tiered fountain will add that touch of class. Not only will you get the amazing sound of water falling from the round tiers, you will also see it pooling in the main bowl below. It also makes an excellent bird bath and can encourage wildlife into your garden.

These fountains work really well set against well-edged flowerbeds bordering a lawn and come in several different sizes to fit your garden. They can even be set up in the middle of a lawn to break up the wide expanse of grass.

But why stop there? Outside fountains come in a wide range of whacky designs which will give your grounds a unique feel. Sculptures of figures or mythical creatures, barrels and water jugs or even working water mills can all be added to your design to create the look you want.

And fountains not only add beauty to your garden during the day. At night, some fountains can be lit up with built-in lights to brighten your garden and with developments in solar power, many of the new style fountains don’t need to be connected to the mains to use the lights or power the fountain.

Some lights can even be projected onto the fountain itself, creating stunning patterns in the rippling water. Others are fitted with colour changing LEDs so the soft glow changes in a rhythmic pattern.

And fountains don’t have to stand alone. Fit one into an existing pond to not only add a pretty feature to the water but also add oxygen and prevent it from stagnating.

So if you’re looking for a way to brighten up your garden then consider an outdoor fountain. The wide range and many different styles mean you are sure to find something that suits your home and your budget.

5 Brilliant Ways to Decorate a Small Garden

For many homeowners, a garden is a must. A little patch of green over the backyard, or a modest row of potted plants is enough to sprinkle some joy and color in your home. While big gardens are always desired for—there's great potential for an impressive landscape and even a pool—one can always make good use of what they have. If you have a limited space but have always wanted a garden, don't worry! We've got 5 amazing decorative ideas to help you create that beautiful little paradise, even with a small land area.

  1. Pretty little patio. A small patio can create an intimate outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. To do this, transform that empty corner to a fine dining area with the help of a rustic furniture set. Decorate the corner with potted plants and a little shelf containing your favorite magazines and little artifacts. Light it up by spreading little lanterns all across, creating a subtle, romantic mood. This is perfect for those unexpected dates with your partner, or a little barbecue afternoon with the kids.
  2. Go for the glass. Want a fountain but hate the bulk? Panels of glass outdoor fountains gives you the same therapeutic feeling as the extravagant, cast stone installations. The only difference is it makes best use of the limited corner. A single panel of a clear glass fountain creates an illusion of a bigger space; perch it among your favorite ferns or your tall bamboos for that complete Oriental ambiance. Choose ones with LED lights to charm your guests during an evening stay; they'll find your garden truly impressive.
  3. Lounge lane. Got an old couch? You might want to create your own private lounge with your bite-sized paradise. Complete the look with a matching table. Set it with flowers fresh from your pickings, and enjoy your free time reading a book or making art. Decorate the area with aromatic candles which you can light up at night. The scent of these candles and the quiet ambiance creates a whimsical feeling for those relaxing nights.
  4. How about a hammock? Create an unexpected, playful space by installing a hammock to your little garden. The kids will love this! It's a summer-perfect setting that brings you back to those beach days. Enjoy the sun and the scene as you swing through your comfy hanging bed—complete the day with your favorite smoothie and your beloved book.
  5. Deck the floors. Elevate your garden, literally, with the help of wooden decks. An outdoor dining furniture completes the visuals. Embellish it with rows of potted succulents, or a shelf featuring your favorite ferns. Cover the space with a large fabric for a bohemian look. Accentuate it with strings of lightbulbs that creates a star-lit effect during the evening.

Space is never the question when it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor garden. As a prime rule, make use of what you have, and allow your creativity to take reigns. Surprise yourself by exploring the possibilities in that empty area; with the right inspiration and vision, you can come up with something extraordinarily magnificent.

The Healing Benefits of an Outdoor Fountain

Outdoor fountains are water-driven features often used for decor. However, did you know that they offer more than just adding cosmetic value to a property. Many researches have revealed that these installations can be a source for a person's inner healing. We're talking about its soothing effect from stress, anxiety and tension. If you're looking to purchase an outdoor fountain for your home or commercial area; you're making the right choice! Here are some ways an outdoor fountain can relieve you from stress and ultimately, making you feel better, stronger and healthier.

Make way for positivity

There's a scientific explanation why taking a shower rejuvenates your mind and body. Other the feeling of cleansing, the sensation of water cools you down and washes away the tensed ions from your body. This results to a feeling of calm after a bath. The same reaction is similar to walking nearby rivers, streams and lakes. Water has a profound healing effect; the sight of the calm tides, the ripples it makes, and the bright blue green hue reflecting under the sky lures us back to concentration, immediately removing our notions of stress and worry. This is the reason why many people choose to be at the lake or by the sea whenever they want to rest.

But going out of our way to head towards our favorite water park can be a hassle. This is why having an outdoor fountain can be the next best thing in inviting positivity. The therapeutic benefit of fountains is backed by experts that hospitals and medical facilities even use this to help their patients recover faster.

Healing is from the inside out

Back in 1995, a nonprofit organization called Center for Health Design has asked a group of landscape designers and architects to observe how properly landscaped hospital gardens can be a factor for recovery. Researchers have interviewed two thousand users and have concluded a pattern among the patients. It has been revealed that patients visit hospital gardens for hours, seeking relaxation from both physical and mental fatigue. Among the best factors: the soothing sounds and sights from the water splashing from the garden outdoor fountains, intermixed with the panorama of full-blown trees and flowering plants. The healing power of nature has become one of the best forces behind a patient's recovery.

Serenity is key to recovery

Experts attest that patients who have view of beautiful, natural landscapes are the ones who recover faster. They are mentally and emotionally fit, struggles less with medication and therapy, and has a more positive outlook. Water features such as an outdoor fountain offer exciting means to enjoy this small piece of nature-inspired environment. Patients, especially the young ones, can lounge around the area, play with the water and use their imagination to trigger a sense of inner joy.

Outdoor fountains are investments that offer great rewards. Use these water features to welcome a spirit of calm and positivity in your home. A few minutes outdoors, reading your favorite book while listening to the sound of the splashing water, can help you detoxify from many of this life’s tensions and bring back the focus you need.

A Burst of Good Fortune: Singapore's Fountain of Wealth

The Fountain of Wealth is one of the many spectacles found in the heart of the largest shopping area in Singapore, Suntec City. In 1998, the Guinness Book of Records has listed it as the largest fountain in the world, occupying more than 1,600 square meters and standing tall at the height of 13.8 meters. The entire sculpture is wrought from silicon bronze, inspired from the shapes of a Hindu Mandala. The ring, along with its leaning stems, are a symbolic representation of unity, equality and harmony. It speaks of the Singapore culture as a great brew of races and religions, as this small yet powerful country is home to people of many origins.

Created by the Melbourne, Australia based firm DCG Design, this metallic sculpture was erected in 1995 and has become one of Singapore's best tourist destinations. The ring spans about 66 meters in circumference and weighs more than 80 tons. It is also a glory to behold at ground level. The Fountain of Wealth is strategically placed in the core of Suntec City, where five high rise buildings are easily within view. These towers, somehow, represent the fingers of a left hand, somewhat emerging from the ground. Looking skywards, the scene looks like an illustrated palm of a hand.

At daytime, this outdoor fountain offers a tranquil spot in the middle of the busy, flourishing hub. The ring spouts thin lines of waters, while at the very center, liquid is shot up to 13 meters. Suntec City shoppers and workers lounge about it, enjoying the view. However, this fountain is more lovely to behold at night time; its base is filled with LED lights that glow during the evening, illuminating the area with a spectrum of colors. The bronze sculpture gives way to the purple and blue hues of the water, and onlookers discover many ways of enjoying the scene. Dancing laser lights, coupled with laser messages, charm the crowd with surprise.

With strong Feng Shui belief, the Fountain of Wealth is said to bless people with power, success and prosperity. Since its conception, Singaporeans have performed a simple ritual which will invite success into their lives. Many times a day, the fountain will be switched off. During this moment, a person must approach the smaller part of the fountain and make their wish. It is a requirement that they sink their right hand in it, and then walk around the fountain three times while murmuring their prayers over and over again. This ritual, the locals believe, will help make the wish come true. However, there is one requirement: the fountain must only be approached with good intentions.

More than just a contemporary sculpture, Singapore’s Fountain of Wealth strongly reflects the country’s desire for progress and prosperity. Alongside it is their vision of harmony; of keeping each culture, religion and race united despite the many differences, to achieve a common goal. This spectacular landmark is a must-see for every tourist, as it denotes the country’s sense of pride and beliefs, created with strong design aesthetics and deep spiritual insight. 

Looking for an outdoor fountain reminiscent to Singapore’s Fountain of Wealth? Check out our modern outdoor fountains!