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The Nine Floating Fountains of Japan

A Magical Display of Art That You Have to See to Believe.

As far as fountains go, the requirements are fairly basic; a flowing or recycling water source and a basin in which to collect it in. But Japanese designer Isamu Noguchi has proven, yet again, that anyone can take a simple object and turn it into a work out art. All you need is a bit of creativity and an eye for design. The Nine Floating Fountains is an art display located in Osaka Japan and was originally built for the World Expo. Now it has become a world famous fountain, attracting tourists of every kind from all over the world.
The fountain, or fountains, appear to be an major optical illusion at first glance. The two massive square boxes float in the air as a continuous flow of water pours from their bottoms. The water collects in the large square basin below but where does it go from there? How does the water come from the floating cubes to begin with? Well, Isamu cleverly constructed the fountain display with a well hidden pipe that feeds up into each box and is rendered virtually invisible once the water begins to flow, creating the optical illusion that the squares are floating in the air and the water appears out of nowhere.
There are two other natural factors that Isamu Noguchi took into consideration when designing the fountain and that was light and air. By installing the cubes anywhere from 10ft-60ft in the air, it left the flowing water open to the elements of wind and air. On those bountiful windy days in Osaka, the strong breeze pushes the water and creates more optical illusions, as if the cubes could be flying, and the cloudy mist that forms from the disruption adds to the otherworldly look that the fountain was meant to achieve.
Utilizing the contrast of night and day, the cubes take on two completely different looks. By day, they appear like objects torn right from a science fiction movie with their modern lines and odd textures. But by night, the lights installed underneath each cube turn on and illuminate the water flowing from them. This image can be seen from miles away and is surely a sight that you have to see to believe.
You may not be able to install 50ft high floating fountains in your back yard, but you can surely get creative with some great outdoor water fountains available online. Check out this amazing selection for your next outdoor fountain inspiration.

The Healing Benefits of an Outdoor Fountain

Outdoor fountains are water-driven features often used for decor. However, did you know that they offer more than just adding cosmetic value to a property. Many researches have revealed that these installations can be a source for a person's inner healing. We're talking about its soothing effect from stress, anxiety and tension. If you're looking to purchase an outdoor fountain for your home or commercial area; you're making the right choice! Here are some ways an outdoor fountain can relieve you from stress and ultimately, making you feel better, stronger and healthier.

Make way for positivity

There's a scientific explanation why taking a shower rejuvenates your mind and body. Other the feeling of cleansing, the sensation of water cools you down and washes away the tensed ions from your body. This results to a feeling of calm after a bath. The same reaction is similar to walking nearby rivers, streams and lakes. Water has a profound healing effect; the sight of the calm tides, the ripples it makes, and the bright blue green hue reflecting under the sky lures us back to concentration, immediately removing our notions of stress and worry. This is the reason why many people choose to be at the lake or by the sea whenever they want to rest.

But going out of our way to head towards our favorite water park can be a hassle. This is why having an outdoor fountain can be the next best thing in inviting positivity. The therapeutic benefit of fountains is backed by experts that hospitals and medical facilities even use this to help their patients recover faster.

Healing is from the inside out

Back in 1995, a nonprofit organization called Center for Health Design has asked a group of landscape designers and architects to observe how properly landscaped hospital gardens can be a factor for recovery. Researchers have interviewed two thousand users and have concluded a pattern among the patients. It has been revealed that patients visit hospital gardens for hours, seeking relaxation from both physical and mental fatigue. Among the best factors: the soothing sounds and sights from the water splashing from the garden outdoor fountains, intermixed with the panorama of full-blown trees and flowering plants. The healing power of nature has become one of the best forces behind a patient's recovery.

Serenity is key to recovery

Experts attest that patients who have view of beautiful, natural landscapes are the ones who recover faster. They are mentally and emotionally fit, struggles less with medication and therapy, and has a more positive outlook. Water features such as an outdoor fountain offer exciting means to enjoy this small piece of nature-inspired environment. Patients, especially the young ones, can lounge around the area, play with the water and use their imagination to trigger a sense of inner joy.

Outdoor fountains are investments that offer great rewards. Use these water features to welcome a spirit of calm and positivity in your home. A few minutes outdoors, reading your favorite book while listening to the sound of the splashing water, can help you detoxify from many of this life’s tensions and bring back the focus you need.