Fountain Cleaners You Must Have in Your Pantry


Planning to buy an outdoor fountain? Great choice! You'll be spending your days, basking in the beauty of your garden, enjoying the soft, trickling sound of water lapping into the stream. There's this peaceful feeling as you soak into the sight of your green shrubs, with a water feature highlighting the bounty of nature in this part of your home. Unfortunately, fountains are not all about serenity; at one point, you need to rise up from your seat and get your fountain cleaned up so you can enjoy it for the longer run.

Some homeowners are put off with the idea of maintaining an outdoor fountain, which hinders them from purchasing one. It is a common thought that outdoor fountains can be difficult to clean, and what's more, purchasing cleaners and detergents to preserve its beauty can cause a hole in the budget. Not to worry! Did you know that you can easily clean your outdoor fountain with a few things from your pantry? There's no need to buy a costly solution to preserve your water feature; all you need are these materials:

  1. White vinegar. The cheapest and the most formidable cleaner you need is the same concoction you use to strengthen the flavors of your favorite meals! White vinegar's acidic content can kill the forming buildups in your outdoor fountain with a breeze. Just make sure that your water feature is switched off when applying this solution.

How to use this: Mix half a cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water, preferably warm. Take a nylon scrubber and wipe the fountain surface. Don't forget to cleanse the pump; you need to make sure no deposits remain in this part of the fountain. For those stubborn stains, apply pure vinegar. Rinse the fountain and refill the pump with water.

  1. Chlorine bleach. Yes, the same thing you use with your detergent during laundry is also a powerful fountain cleaner. The chlorine element kills the bacteria and also cleanses the water with its bleaching properties. Use this as a prepping solution in cleaning the algae in your fountain.

How to use this: Mix a gallon of water and pour in 1 cup of chlorine bleach. You can adjust the amount, depending on the size of your fountain. After draining the water off your pump and basin, pour this solution and restore the power. Allow the chlorine bleach mix to run through the fountain, for an hour at least. This will kill the growth on the fountain's surfaces. After a full run, turn the power off and remove the solution. Wipe the surface to eliminate algae buildup.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide. The same thing you use for cleaning wounds is also an effective fountain cleaner. This is a formidable solution against discoloration and even algae buildup.

How to use this: Pour a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide directly into the fountain water—measure in proportion to the size of your water feature. Let it set and allow the liquid to run through your fountain. You will be surprised to see the green buildups gone and your water back into its crystal clear state!

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  • Caris Cruz