Top Large Outdoor Fountains of 2016


The sound of water brings serenity and tranquility to a space. Why not bring this sense of peace to your outdoor space with a water fountain that not only is therapeutic but makes a major statement in design. Plus, in Feng Shui, a water fountain in your yard brings your home good luck, prosperity, and abundance. Whether it’s in your front yard giving your home major curb appeal, or in your back yard creating a soothing retreat, a large water feature will make all the difference.

Below are the top large outdoor fountains of 2016


 1. Monteros Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin

This understated beauty weighs in at 3760 pounds and is 104” x 78”. The Monteros Tiered Outdoor Water Fountain’s three tiered design and round basin creates a sense of classical splendor that will make a profound statement in your yard. This fountain, like most of our products, is available to be customized in a variety of finishes, making it possible to match your home facade. 


2. Large Vase with Wok Garden Water Fountain

Wanting something a little more understated and modern? Look no further than the Large Vase with Wok Garden Water Fountain. Standing tall at 55” this sleek design will add a fabulous contemporary style to any outdoor area. Whether it’s on your back patio, nestled in the middle of your garden or a piece of your front yard landscaping this fountain was made to make a subtle yet significant statement.


3. Bavarian Outdoor Wall Water Fountain with Pedestals

The Bavarian Outdoor Wall water Fountain with Pedestals brings that old world, European charm to any outdoor space. Made with very durable cast stone, and standing at 75” tall and 48” wide this luxurious fountain was designed to be set up against a fence or garden wall making it quite the space saver despite its grand size.


4. Ball and Bowl Outdoor Water Fountain

The contemporary and clean look of the Ball and Bowl Outdoor Water Fountain will bring that true serene feeling to your outdoor space. In Feng Shui a sphere is seen as the perfect shape. There is no beginning our end like Ying and Yang. It also brings balance and unification to a space. With its massive 59” x 72” design and its choices in color this fountain will be the most unique piece at your home.


5. Plumbed Large Lion Outdoor Water Fountain

You can’t talk about large outdoor fountains without mentioning the Lion. The Plumbed Large Lion Outdoor Water Fountain will bring a true sense of power and regal-like design. The base and each tier is surrounded by the symbolic lion that symbolizes strength and courage. Throughout history and even now, a statement water feature with a Lion is the ultimate sign of affluence and this 97” tall fountain will be the ultimate statement of dominance at your home.

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  • Brady Draper