Top Modern Fountains of 2016


Sometimes it is the simple curves or the symmetry of objects that brings out the balance of an outdoor space. And often, as it has been said a thousand times over, modern pieces can artfully bring together natural elements of a garden or outdoor patio, and outdoor furniture.  The serenity of the outside is perfectly matched by clear cut lines, spheres, and sensuous curves symbolizing beauty of calmness we inherently recognize as a stillness we need against the busy, hurried life we often lead. Adding a contemporary outdoor water fountain is more than just aesthetics.

Below are the top modern fountains of 2016.


1. Scallop Monolith with Ball Outdoor Fountain 

Bold, geometric and delightfully unusual, the Scallop Monolith with Ball Garden Water Fountain features a perfect sphere perched atop a picturesque marble like rock face pillar in a square basin. Standing at 74” tall, water streams out from the top of the sphere and over the pillar, sparkling as it catches the sunlight. Imagine the soothing sounds of water flowing in your special outdoor area.


2. Ion Garden Water Fountain

Blending the best qualities of art and a water feature into a truly dynamic display,the Ion Garden Water Fountain is a modern piece with a very soft feel that contrast a modern linear style.  Standing at 53” tall, this garden fountain  is perfect for any outdoor area. The finishing techniques make every piece a uniquely beautiful and original work of art.


3. Rubix Garden Water Fountain

Combining intriguing texture with the soothing sounds of water in motion the Rubix Garden Water Fountain is a striking addition to your garden.  The 48”  sphere rests in the center of a wide, shallow bowl as water dances over the textured sides. The result is an enchanting, inviting atmosphere that will have you lingering around the garden every chance you get.

4. Small Vase Garden Water Fountain


Refreshing to the eyes and soothing to the ears, the Small Vase Garden Water Fountain is designed to meet today's artistic features our customers’ desire. Clean and chic lines accentuate the shimmering display of flowing water of this 45” tall water feature. Place this contemporary  garden fountain on your patio or in the garden to create a stunning focal point.


5. Spindel Garden Water Fountain


Stunning yet subdued in its sophistication, the Spindel Garden Water Fountain creates a graceful water display as well as soothing water sounds. This modern take on a tiered water fountain features a beautiful ensemble of tall, spindle-like pitchers and vases.  Steady streams of water running through them are great for infusing your environment with peace, tranquility and a unique beauty.


6. Servius Garden Water Fountain

Blending the best qualities of abstract art and a water feature into a truly dynamic display, the Servius Garden Water Fountain features a pair of twin fish that are beautifully designed with piercing eyes and fierce gills. Made of glass fiber reinforced concrete, this modern fountain creates a spell-binding focal point and a stunning conversation piece.


7. I Garden Water Fountain


Both a work of art and a sense-pleasing fountain, the I Garden Water Fountain features a beautiful curved pillar set in a square basin. Definitely eye-catching, it spans at 84” tall and 43” wide and will make a strong statement in any outdoor space.


8. Small Oblique With Ball Garden Water Fountain


Standing over three feet tall, the  Small Oblique With Ball Garden Water Fountain, an exquisite art piece that really stands out and draws the eye.  This modern outdoor fountain creates a stunning visual display as water sparkles and shimmers in the sunlight while the flowing water sounds it creates  are so relaxing you'll want to sit nearby for hours on end.


9. Steam Garden Water Fountain

An all-time favorite, the Steam Garden Water Fountain from GIST features a distinctive and eye-catching design. Standing at 55” tall and 36” wide, this contemporary garden water feature makes a gorgeous focal point that demands attention even in the largest of spaces.


10. Joli Garden Water Fountain

Take your outdoor setting to the next level by adding the Joli Garden Water Fountain.  A modern take on a classic tiered water feature, this modern fountain  won't overshadow your landscaping, but allows the flowing water to truly shine as it bubbles up and flows out four sides and into the basin.




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  • Brady Draper