Common Outdoor Fountain Problems and How to Solve Them


An outdoor fountain offers many benefits for your health and home. It adds cosmetic value to your property and makes your gardens and patios more inviting. The soothing sounds it produce helps you concentrate and lowers your anxiety and stress. These and more are already good reasons why you should install one in your home, but before you go buying it, there are some things you need to know in order to avoid the problems that may go with it.

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First mistake: Lack of planning.

It's nice to see the water jet out of your fountain and form delightful cascades in layers. But did you know that it is necessary to pre-plan the size of splash and shoot before you install your water feature? Ignoring this step may cause issues to your garden. A small basin with a large splash radius may cause flower beds to be muddy and look unsightly. The fountain, in turn, will lose water which ends up in a worn-out pump. It is important to buy a large catch basin to prevent water from jetting out of the installation.

Second mistake: Gaps in the spout

This may produce liner leaks which cause problem to the plumbing. A problem prevalent to outdoor wall fountains, one keen solution is defining where the holes are. Easily to this by sprinkling the facade with cornstarch, which allows you to discern the water movement through the eddies. Find the spot and put on a patch for a quick remedy. You can always call a professional to help you seal the gap.

Third mistake: Not replacing the water regularly

Did you know that stale water deposits can actually harm your health? Mold accumulates in water over time. As it is the same liquid that swirls around your fountain pump and jets to the ground and on your skin, there is a good possibility that you, your kids or your pets get sick. Avoid this by replacing the water consistently, about once in every month. Notice the color. If your fountain produces hazy colored water, it's about time to stop the pump and give it a good drain. Clean it before adding a new batch of water into your fountain.

Fourth mistake: Incorrect measurements

You need to consider the outdoor space you have for your water feature. Be realistic. While you may be tempted to get a bigger, freestanding stone-cast fountain, it may be too big for your garden and may cramp the space. Also, remember that bigger fountains require bigger pumps, which may end up raising quite a bit on your utility bill. Other than the fountain size, you want to know whether your water system fits your new feature. Make sure that the plumbing is close enough to provide water from the pump, as well as electricity, to keep the fountain running.

Buying the right outdoor fountain involves more than choosing the perfect design to go with your home’s aesthetics. Your responsibility does not end after plugging your water system in and seeing the water splashing and cascading out of the basin. Make sure that you preserve your fountain, as well as everything around it, with proper upkeep and regular cleaning.

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  • Cristhy Calague