Top 5 Gorgeous Modern Outdoor Fountains


Outdoor fountains are a great way to add a serene atmosphere to your yard or outside landscape. But often, when people think of outdoor fountains, regardless of size, the image that comes to mind is usually ornately carved stone models with displays of angels and garden creatures. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Outdoor fountains have really taken a step up in regards to design and construction. And these 10 gorgeous modern outdoor fountains prove that to be true.

1) The Alaster

The Alaster Garden Water Fountain offers the relaxing sound of natural running water as it brings serenity to your outdoor space. Definitely a modern work of art, it captures the peaceful sparkle and music of nature and will make a magnificent focal point in any outdoor environment; residential or commercial. Crafted within glass fiber and reinforced concrete, this garden fountain is designed to last forever.

2) The Austin

Water bubbles up and spills out from the top of the urn and pours down over the beautiful copper spillers collects into the rectangular basin below. The Austin Garden Water Fountain creates a calming atmosphere that fills your garden with the sounds of a running brook. Fiber reinforced cast stone and a water recirculation system makes this fountain beautiful both inside as well as out.

3) The Barcelona

Water is the running life force of the world. As water flows quietly over a center pillar into a large basin, a relaxing sound is produced. With the Barcelona Garden Water Fountain, you can bring all of this in your outdoor environment, allowing you to enjoy the calming atmosphere that the fountain provides. It is made of durable fiber reinforced cast stone concrete so it’s definitely made to last.

4) The Echo Garden

The Echo Garden Water Fountain makes a striking statement as it features a slow stream running at a perfect rate, creating a dynamic visual display and calming and serene sounds of water in motion. Crafted of fiber reinforced cast stone concrete makes this fountain incredibly durable and smooth to the touch and it comes in a wide variety of gorgeous finish options making it easy to customize according to your taste.

5) The Ball & Ring

ball and ring
Such a basic design but with a traditional feel, the Ball and Ring Base Garden Water Fountain boasts a giant, single sphere in a simple ring base which allows the flowing, reflective water to be the center of attention as it flows out from the top of the sphere and into the basin below. Adding a touch of class and sophistication has never been this easy.

These 5 stunning modern outdoor fountains are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out outdoorfountainpros for an endless gallery of striking works of art.

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  • Candace Osmond